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Mileage Club

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I teach AP Chemistry to juniors at a public high school in Knoxville, TN.  Reaction prediction is one of the toughest concepts for students to understand and mastery comes with attention to detail and lots of practice

I give a weekly reaction prediction quiz.  Scores usually start off fairly low, and steadily improve as the year goes along.   In an effort to motivate students to focus in class, memorize patterns, and work to improve quiz scores, I decided to try TOE TOKENS as incentives.  I wrote “pHenomenal pHeet” on the board, and told the students that since mastering reaction prediction is truly a phenomenal feat, they could earn “pHenomenal pHeet” by achieving a certain score or by improving their previous score on our weekly quizzes.  Typically students earn less than 50% of the points possible (it is really difficult), so I implemented the following reward schedule:

                  70 or 75%  =  Toe Token
                  80 or 85%  =  See Through Toe
                  90 or 95%  = Twinkle Toe
                  100%         =  Glow Toe
                   Improvement of score, but not yet passing = white toe
                   Improvement of score between 70 and 85 % = clear toe
                   Improvement of score above 85 % = clear twinkle toe
                   First 10 students to get a perfect score = raindrop (one drop of Cu(2+) ion

The results have been “pHenomenal”.  Not only are students excited about earning TOE TOKENS, but they are also working to improve their quiz scores so they can earn more of these tiny feet.  Students have been seen wearing TOE TOKENS as jewelry and headbands, and on their key chains, backpacks  and shoes.  Boys and girls alike have been motivated.  Even some of my most sophisticated students (popular, affluent and least likely to fall for something simplistic) show off their hard earned TOE TOKENS on their shoelaces.  I have had students ask me to “find” other tokens to use as homework incentives, rewards for high test and quiz scores, or exemplary work in the lab.  Others have told me that they aren’t just listening when I review reaction prediction equation quizzes, but actively engaged because they want to improve and earn TOE TOKENS.  This is nothing like I expected, and I am excited that the color pHeet are the impetus behind my students’ drive for higher scores. 
Debbie Sayers

The Mileage Club has become an essential addition to our school by enriching our physical education program. It is a positive way to channel energy on the school playground.
Elementary school principal

My child loved the Mileage Club so much that we had to switch our family spring tour so he could get his miles.
Elementary parent

The Mileage Club is great. It gives all children (regardless of their skill level) something to do on the playground. Over 70% of our children participate.
Elementary physical education teacher

I like Mileage Club. You don't have to wait in lines like handball or kickball and no one can say you can't play.
Elementary Student

Thanks for the Transparent Toe Tokens. My students and staff are fighting to get these. Your products have really excited our students with disabilities. In 10 weeks, they have lost over 200 pounds.
High School Teacher

Mileage Club
has solved a number of issues on our playground. Some major "characters" have 15 miles!  It is the coolest program I've ever seen.  Four hundred kids have gone 945 miles in 5 weeks (by only those who have completed a card)
Elementary Teacher

Several months ago, I spoke with Mr. Kuntzleman in regards to using the Fitness Finders program in conjunction with our 4-H Companion Animal Club. I am glad to say that we are two months into the program. In June, I taught a lesson on obesity in dogs and the members decided to be dedicated to walking their dogs not only for health benefits (for both) but just to spend time together. We use the Mega Mileage forms. The participants keep up with "regular" fitness activities as well as dog walking activities. The youth receive a toe token for every 5 miles and a paw print for every 5 dog walking miles. The youth wear the bracelets with the charms all the time so I hope this will recruit new members. I plan to incorporate the monthly motivators for a reward for our group activities (visit to the vet clinic, dog walking at the shelter, etc.) I love all the new charms! I can change the tokens to keep the participants from losing interest. Thanks for a wonderful program!
4-H Youth Leader

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