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EZ Scan® Products

Run clubs have never been so much fun for students and EZ for teachers.

We’ve gathered all of our EZ Scan fitness motivation products for kids to make it EZ for you! These EZ Scan products will keep your kids and program running smoothly. The EZ Scan app is the best way to count laps but try EZ Scan+Timing which offers the advance timing capabilities. Save time and money with the durable QR Cards. Protect your devices with the EZ Scan Stand. Browse through the other scanning options and see what fits your program the best. Reward your athlete for their hard work with Toe Tokens – the bestselling Run Club Incentives.

Download the FREE EZ Scan® Activity Recording Sheets! Keep Kids moving with 28 different activities. They'll take pride in tracking their own progress on the Recording sheet, where minutes of activity easily convert into miles. Celebrate and reward their successes with our physical fitness awards for kids! We have a wide selection of physical education awards to choose from. Shop Fitness & Physical Education awards.

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EZ Scan, running club tablet app EZ Scan® + Timing 🕐
Starting at $199.95
EZ Scan, running club tablet app EZ Scan®
Starting at $169.95
Toe Token Running Club Awards Toe Tokens®
Starting at $7.29
Kids Fitness Awards - EZ Scan Sport Packs, drawstring bag EZ Scan® Sport Pack
Starting at $5.49
QR Card Holders QR Card Holders
Prices Starting at: $5.00
QR Slap Bands QR Slap Bands
Our Price: $1.59
EZ Scan® Slap Bands EZ Scan® Slap Bands
Our Price: $1.26
QR Cards QR Cards
Prices Starting at: $0.85
QR Code Stickers QR Code Stickers
Our Price: $0.35