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Shaping America's Future®

Here's a question that we field from time to time: Why does a company named Fitness Finders®¯ provide programs and incentives for reading, bullying prevention, character development, nutrition education and academic subject areas?

Beyond Fitness

The truth is that, back in the late 1960s and early '70s, we were solely a fitness company, providing group exercise classes, workshops and seminars for YMCAs across the U.S., Canada and Australia (the name Fitness Finders®¯ was originally conceived as an allusion to Weight Watchers®¯). Our success quickly attracted national attention. In the 1980s, in response to America's childhood obesity epidemic, we created Mileage Club®, a fitness initiative for children. We took all of our expertise from years of working in the fitness industry, consulted with educators and youth leaders, and the rest is history. Mileage Club® was such a big hit that we decided to focus almost exclusively on child-related health and wellness programs.

Since then, we've been creating incentive-based programs to combat other troubling trends among America's youth, including poor nutrition, the erosion of shared values, a decline in reading competence, academic under-achieving, and childhood bullying. By widening the scope of our mission, we created a new vision: Shaping America's Future®.

We are an American company focused on American children. We say that our vision is Shaping America's Future®¯ and we mean it. We live in an era of uncertainty, but there is also much opportunity. It is our goal to encourage every child to grow, explore, study, think, collaborate and become part of a better future that none of us can imagine.

We work hard to encourage those who work with youth every day: educators, youth leaders, coaches, volunteers and, of course, parents. Our programs and products are designed and inspired by educators and youth leaders. Everything that we offer is developmentally appropriate, field tested and carefully designed to motivate children to learn, change behavior and move toward achieving their fullest potential in school and in life.