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Glow-in-the-Dark Awards

If there's one thing we've discovered in 25 years of making motivational incentive awards, it's that young people LOVE glow-in-the-dark charms and medals!

These fun-filled awards will make your Halloween classroom bright and cheery. They make a grand prize or reward options for your classroom as well as party favors.

Put a new spin on your special nighttime events. Add a Blacklight to your next Indoor Fun Run and watch the awards (and kids) glow. Created "Flashlight Reading Circles" with your reading group and reward them with a Glow-up charm!

How Glow Awards Work: Expose glow charms to direct light for at least 1 hour to activate glow.

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Glowing Book Charms Glow Book Charms
Starting at $16.49
Youth Fitness Awards - Glow Walker Award Glow Walker
Starting at $14.95
Youth Fitness Awards - Glow Runner Award Glow Runner
Starting at $14.95
Fitness awards for kids - Toe Token Bundle Toe Token® Bundle
Our Price: $14.65
Motivational Awards - Glow Cat Glow Cat
Starting at $9.49
Youth Motivational Awards - Glow Pumpkin Glow Pumpkin
Starting at $9.49
Fitness Awards - Glow Toe Tokens Glow Toes
Starting at $8.35
Bug-shaped reading incentive for children. Glows in the dark! (1" tall.) Glow Book Bug
Starting at $6.25
Kids School Awards - Glow Thumbs Up Glow Thumbs Up
Starting at $6.25
School Spirit Awards - Glow Paw Print Glow Paw Print
Starting at $6.25
Awards for Children - Glow Five Glow Five
Starting at $6.25
Youth Reading Incentives - Glow Bookworm Glow Worm
Starting at $6.25
Youth Achievement Awards - Shooting Star Shooting Star
Starting at $5.79