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Mileage Club® Milestone Awards

Unlike Toe Tokens, which are meant to be earned by everyone, a Milestone Award is designed to be reached by the hardest working students. For the kids who refuse to miss a running day due to bad weather or those who request a makeup day following an illness. Read more about the power of Milestone Awards in our Blog Article about Milestone Awards!

Motivate kids to reach the next level!! Help your students set goals and when they achieve them, reward them with a reminder of how amazing their accomplishment is. Milestone awards come in all shapes and sizes - small and BIG - because reaching difficult milestones deserves bigger awards!

With over 30+ years of experience educating and motivating kids to be active, Mileage Club® is America’s #1 running club for elementary students.

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Lace Lanyard with Lanyard Link 30" LaceLink™ Lanyard
Starting at (Per 25) $13.65
Fitness Awards - Sneaker Award Sneaker
Starting at $13.09
Bright Mileage Club T-Shirts Mileage Club® Shirt
Starting at $12.65
Youth Fitness Awards - Runner Award Runner Boy & Runner Girl
Starting at $12.49
Mileage Club - Feat Awards Mileage Club® Feat
Starting at $10.50
Fitness Awards - Ten Toes Ten Toes
Starting at $5.79
Kids Fitness Awards - EZ Scan Sport Packs, drawstring bag EZ Scan® Sport Pack
Starting at $5.49
Fitness Awards - Champion Sneaker Award Champion Sneaker
Starting at $5.25
Youth Fitness Awards - Golden Shoe Award Golden Shoe Award
Starting at $1.79
Running Club Awards - Mileage Cup Mileage Club® Cup
Starting at $0.99