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Olympic-Themed Awards

Add excitement to your PE Program with Olympic-Themed Games in honor of the upcoming summer Olympics.

Download the FREE Guide: "
How to Host An Olympic-Themed Pentathlon Guide" with easy instructions on preparing and running fun, social distanced Pentathlon events.

Make your games a success by celebrating their victories! We've gathered all our Olympic-Themed awards in one place for easy shopping! Check out our NEW
Pentathlon Bundle that will save you time & money. Or, the NEW! Metallic 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Medals!

Student-athletes of all kinds can't wait to earn their medals. It reminds them of the fun they had being active. Take pride in rewarding students with USA-Made Awards.

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Youth Fitness Awards - Swirl Sneakers Swirl Sneaker
Starting at $13.95
Girl Runner Award Ellie on the Run
Our Price: $12.49
Youth Fitness Awards - Runner Award Runner Boy & Runner Girl
Starting at $12.49
Kids Fitness Awards - Biker Biker
Starting at $12.49
Kids Fitness Awards - Jump Award Jump Award
Starting at $12.49
Fitness Awards - Sneaker Award Sneaker
Starting at $12.49
Pentathlon Bundle Pentathlon Bundle
Our Price: $12.25
Motivational Awards - Swimmer Swimmer
Starting at $8.49
Youth Fitness Awards - Basketball Basketball
Starting at $6.79
Bullseye | Archery Award Bullseye
Our Price: $5.79
Kids Awards - Metallic 5K Medal Metallic 5K Medal
Starting at $5.79
Youth Achievement Awards - Patriotic Star Patriotic Star
Starting at $5.79
Kids Fitness Awards - Plain Treads Plain Tread
Starting at $5.79
Awards for Kids - High Five High Five
Starting at $5.79
Fitness Awards - Champion Sneaker Award Champion Sneaker
Starting at $5.00
Fitness Awards - Tournament Toes Tournament Toes
Starting at $2.75