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A Revolutionary Anti-bullying Program

Its imaginative and effective learning approach focuses on behavior change. Using 6 western-themed lessons, young people learn they are not powerless against bullies. The program provides insights into the bully’s tactics, presents techniques to gain help from peers or adults and initiates development of inner strength. Fun, practical scenarios in class, the I Don’t Bully Game and Poster use at home reinforce classroom instruction. All methods strengthen youth to avoid, diffuse and better handle possible bully encounters. I Don’t Bully is a must for all elementary youth, teachers and parents.

Bully Proof Your Children!

This teacher-friendly and tested program provides easy-to-implement strategies. These unique strategies encourage children to bully proof themselves. They also discover and practice how to use their personal character traits, friends and adults to reduce explosive bully situations.

I Don't Bully Materials

  • I Don't Bully Lessons - Six great lessons. Each includes 11 x 17 poster. Lessons include:
    • What is Bullying?
    • The Power of Two or a Few
    • Bullying is a Game of Power
    • The Power of Telling the Truth
    • The Power of You
    • Cliques
  • Bull Awards - 100 unique I Don't Bully Bull™ Awards
  • Certificates - 30 colorful certificates to award at completion of the program.
  • I Don't Bully Game - The fun educational way to reinforce the lessons. Includes game board, game cards (for upper and lower elementary) and game pieces.

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