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Stepping Ahead With Mileage Club®

Sticks With Simple

More than 20,000 schools use Mileage Club® because it is simple and easy to implement.


Students run and walk


Their laps get tracked and recorded


They get rewarded

Why Mileage Club®?

This exercise for elementary schools makes everyone a winner... teachers too!

Increases Learning

Countless studies have proven that when children exercise their academic performance in the classroom improves. In a nutshell, Mileage Club® helps get the "wiggles" out and leaves kids feeling ready to learn. Teachers, principals and parents will thank you!

Reduces Playground

Provide an organized and easily supervised activity for recess time. You'll see a decrease in arguments, hurt feelings and playground accidents.

Fights Childhood

Combat the negative psychological and health consequences associated with childhood obesity. If kids have a positive experience with physical activity when they are young they will be more likely to be physically active as they age.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It.

Here's what satisfied Mileage Club® customers have to say about it

We had no idea it [Mileage Club] was going to be anything like this...It's all about living healthy and doing your best in school.

- Principal


We started using Toe Tokens years ago when we first opened the school and your catalog was four pages...our kids still walk and walk and walk.

- Teacher


My Physical Education Teacher loves this Mileage Club program.

- Business Manager


What Do I Need To Get Started?

Gather the following materials to get on the right track!

Mileage Club with EZ Scan®

For a new generation of Mileage Club® runners

Mileage Club® with Mileage Marker™ Cards

The tried and true original

Mileage Club® with Tally Sticks™

For the lap trackers