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EZ Scan® + Timing 🕐
EZ Scan, running club tablet app
Count, Record, and TIME Laps with EZ Scan® + Timing!


Count, Record, and TIME Laps with EZ Scan® + Timing!

EZ Scan® + Timing counts, times, and records laps the EZ way. Students simply scan their QR code each time they complete a lap and you get all the data you need. EZ Scan® + Timing includes all the great features of EZ Scan® - but now, the time for each lap is displayed and recorded, too! Other features include:

  • works with up to 1,500 students.
  • accommodates multiple tracks of varying lengths.
  • scans quickly anywhere – no Wi-Fi needed to scan.
  • displays number of laps for each student as they are completed. (Check out our EZ Scan® Stand!)
  • audibly counts each lap - with optional fun phrases of encouragement also available.
  • prints unlimited QR codes for students onsite – saving you time and money. (Or order sturdy, plastic QR Scan Cards from Fitness Finders® here.)
  • Provides amazing stats, charts, and graphs.
  • Displays and provides total time for each student’s run along with their split times.

(See the EZ Chart here to compare features of all our EZ programs.)

Try EZ Scan® + Timing FREE for 14 days. Just go to ezmileageclub.com to get started. (Any data entered during the free trial may be carried over into a purchased program.)

For more information about this running club app, view the EZ Scan® FAQ sheet.

Allow up to 1 full Business Day after purchase to receive your activation code via email.

Discover the power EZ Scan® & Toe Tokens®- Add a 1000 count bag of our Classic Toe Tokens using the part numbers or drop down below and save $35* off your order. (Classic Toe Tokens Regularly $68.19)

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EZ Scan + Timing Product Codes:
126-6009 EZ Scan + Timing ($199.95)
EZ Scan + Timing + 1000 Toe Tokens ($241.45) Save $35
Upgrade to EZ Scan + Timing $30.00

Starting at $199.95
Product Code: 126-6009 EZ Scan® + Timing $199.95
Product Code: 126-6010 Upgrade to EZ Scan® + Timing $30.00

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