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EZ Tally® is Fitness Finders® online database that helps you organize and keep track of all your run club data. EZ Tally® saves you time, improves organization, reduces volunteer time, and allows you to focus on what’s really important – your runners. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed your run club without it!

With the EZ Tally® Basic subscription, you manually enter your runners’ mileage by laps or cards. (See EZ Scan® for automatic data entry.) EZ Tally® allows for multiple courses, keeps track of and alerts you to awards earned, and provides unlimited black & white certificates. The EZ Tally® Select subscription gives you all the great benefits of the EZ Tally® Basic subscription – plus it provides amazing stats and the ability to customize certificates. You can also organize students into “teams” to create friendly competition.

Try EZ Tally® FREE for 14 days! Just go to ezmileageclub.com to get started. (Any data entered during your free trial may be carried over into a purchased program.)

Is your run club a Mileage Club®? Click here for more information on Mileage Club® - America’s #1 run club for kids with over 20 million participants annually.

See the EZ Chart here to compare features of all our EZ programs. For more information, view the EZ Scan® FAQ sheet here.

EZ Tally® Basic $34.95
EZ Tally® Select $49.95

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Product Description

Save Time, Tally Miles, Get Reports...The new labor saving, online program designed to help you keep track of Mileage Club miles all on one EZ place ... your computer. EZ saves coordinator time, improves organization, cuts costs, enhances the Mileage Club image, reduces volunteer time and heightens students' interest. Once you have tried it you will wonder how you ever did without it!

Teams, Stats and Customizable Certificates are now only available in EZ Tally® Select.

When you get on board with EZ Tally, you're ready to run! It's designed to help you save time - whether you are a teacher, coordinator, principal or parent.

  1. Class Sheets are created with a simple "copy and paste" and tallies miles with the click of a mouse.

  2. Stats are available to provide students, teachers, parent organizations, groups or funding source with accurate information. (Select Subscription Only)

  3. Teams create friendly competition and allow you to organize students in whatever combination you choose. (Select Subscription Only)

  4. Award Sheets inform each teacher which of their children have earned rewards.

  5. Unlimited Certificates may be personalized for children.

  6. Customizable Certificates may be personalized for children. (Select Subscription Only)

  7. Materials may be ordered.

  8. Mileage Club Staff Support may be obtained.

Purchase an EZ Tally Online annual subscription for less than the price of a basketball! Add it to your shopping cart and after your purchase is completed you will receive an authorization code via email. It's that simple.

For more information about EZ Tally online head to www.ezmileageclub.com.

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