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Welcome to the EZ Scan Family. Fitness Finders' mission is to improve the health of America's youth, and create fun and rewarding ways to honor student achievements & success. We are here to ensure your success with EZ Scan and to help you make the most of your school's run club. Join us in fighting obesity, improving learning readiness, and reducing playground hassles. Thank you for choosing EZ Scan to track your students laps!


A recent study suggests adding rewards to your program increases active participation by 50%. Research shows that habits form when the reward centers of the brain are stimulated. Increasing evidence also shows that physical activity is not only beneficial to a students physical body, but exercising and rewarding students improves mood, participation, and academic performance! Rewarding your students will keep them engaged. Fitness Finders offers a variety of powerful incentives for keeping kids motivated including Number Charms, Monthly Motivators™, Sneaker Awards, and of course America's #1 running club incentive, the Toe Token.


We recommend rewarding a Toe Token, charm, or incentive every 3 to 5 miles depending on the age of your students. Don't make it too easy, it is important that the awards have a perceived value. Students love collecting their favorite colors & have a lasting way to remember their achievements. Request a catalog & free samples.

"Fitness Finders, EZ Scan and EZ Tally have amazing products, services, support and technology which are incredibly valuable in that anyone can use this system because it is "EZ"! We support 20+ schools in our county serving over 6000 students so simplicity is why we love this program and all its' services."

- Jessica Rauch
PK-8th grade, Battle Creek Family YMCA - Operation Fit
Battle Creek, Michigan


EZ Scan allows you to customize your awards and award levels, keep track of when awards are given, and print certificates. Planning the reward schedule helps create enthusiasm throughout the entire school year. (See Video Below.)

  • Click on “Edit My School” and select “Awards.” Type the name of the actual award that you will be presenting to your students (i.e. Toe Token.)
  • Next, click on “Award Levels” to set the distance at which the students receive those awards! Place more than one award per level or reuse the same award at multiple levels. This is also where you designate when certificates are earned.
  • You may also print unlimited B/W certificates for free! If you are looking for a higher quality glossy stock that can be loaded into your printer check out the Mileage Club® Certificates.


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