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EZ Scan is a total life saver! We pre-ordered the program before it came out and have used it almost on a daily basis for years. With almost 300 students participating in our before school walking/running club, EZ Scan has saved so many hours weekly, by not having to manually track students laps/miles. We also use it during daily physical education classes with all 580 students. Students love earning toe tokens and tween toe rewards for every five miles they complete. They get excited to see their totals go up each session and use math skills to figure out how many more laps or miles until their next token. I love being able to print out awards for the whole school and post the leaderboard to motivate students across grade levels. Two other schools in our district also use EZ Scan and it is so nice that students can transfer their miles if they move between the schools during the year. Customer support is top notch and always just a chat away if we have any questions. I don’t think that there is one feature that I have not used. Thank you Fitness Finders for making this teacher’s job easier!

- Shelley Grimes
Elementary Physical Education Teacher, Harrand Creek Elementary
Enterprise, Alabama


I love EZ Scan! It has made my running program so much easier and the kids love being able to keep up with their laps and earn Tokens. It’s easy to use and such a great addition to our program.

- Amber Johnson
K-4 PE, Mary Mae Jones Elementary
Bentonville, Arkansas


My students and I love EZ Scan! It’s so easy to use that I have been able to train my students how to use it themselves which allows us to include running club as a recess choice even though I am never able to be there in person, which is amazing!

- Amanda Amtmanis ( @AmandaAmtmanis )
Physical Education Teacher K-5
Middletown, Connecticut


When I’m taking my students out to our field for running club..All I hear..Can we go..Can we go…Can we go…finally stampede. They are off. They love Running club day and are highly motivated to earn their tokens

- Wendy Seslowsky
Pre K–5 Physical Education, Blanton Elementary
St. Petersburg, Florida


EZ Scan system is a game changer at our school with fitness enhanced by student motivation. This motivation comes through the use of the EZ Scan technology (visuals, sounds, and lap tracking). Here are the results of our use of EZ Scan (7 laps = 1 mile) 1st year results: 1 lap increase (15-20%) 2nd year results: 1.5-2.5 lap increase (20-35%) 3rd year results: 0.75-3.0 lap increase (12-40%) The data speaks for itself with my students enjoying the EZ Scan system and increasing the laps they walk/jog/run!

- Steven Joyce
PE Teacher K-5th, Newton County Theme School


EZ Scan is simply the best, easiest way to track your runners! The program runs itself and even our Kinders can use it with ease. Our students run during their lunch recess three days per week all school year and in all weather. We purchased the QR code plastic tags and put them on color coded lanyards for each grade level. The students keep their tags in a pocket pouch provided by their classroom teachers and are responsible to pick up and return their own tags. Our students are proficient at self scanning and love being able to see their progress at any time. There’s no need for lots of volunteers to hand out sticks or hold scanning devices. We’ve tried other systems that are much more labor intensive and expensive to renew. We provide our own incentives for every 10 miles and every marathon the kids complete. We have some bigger rewards for kids that reach certain mileage goals. We’ve paired up with Marathon Kids and the Rising New York Roadrunners to add some awesome incentives. Once our kids hit 120 miles, they start collecting the colored Fitness Finder toe tokens to show continued progress. Our little K-3’s run about 15,000 miles per year. Our High School/Jr High, and Middle School coaches love the program and it’s no coincidence that our district wins state in track and cross country year after year. They give us some $$$ for incentives and pay for our renewal every year. They also put on a Fun Run using professional timing chips for a one mile cross country race at the end of each school year. Our PACER program has definitely improved by switching to EZ Scan. If you are looking for a system that is inexpensive and easy to implement and maintain, you have found your product!

- Connie Dunn
PE Specialist K-3, Central Elementary
Sugar City, Idaho


EZ Scan makes tracking laps easy and convenient and the tokens offered through Fitness Finders keep our students motivated.

- Trisha Walls
Physical Education K-5, West Elementary


Fitness Finders’ various products have helped our running program operate smoothly and excel our student progress. Staff and students find EZ Scan simple to use and love how it tallies all results for easy lookup. Students love the fun tokens they can earn! As a program administrator, I love the great customer service they provide!

- Brandy Coker
Physical Education K-4, Hesston Elementary School
Hesston, Kansas


We use our EZ scan cards at our family fitness night when our students and families walk and run laps around our halls. It has dramatically increased our participation over the last couple of years. I made guest cards for other family members and they like using them as well. We give out toe tokens when the kids leave too. EZ Scan has been a great investment for our school. Thank you for all your help and support. Everyone at Fitness Finders has always been very helpful when I need something.
- Matt Pollock
Brandenburg Elementary
Brandenburg, Kentucky


I have been using EZ Scan for several years and it gets better every year! The program is very user friendly and the company is quick to respond when you may have an issue. Our running program is HUGE at our school! EZ Scan and all the tokens from FItness Finders make it that much easier for me to make our program so successful! There are so many stats and data reports that you can use to help manage your program, but yet simplify it all at the same time! I have recommended EZ Scan to several schools in my district and I will continue to recommend it to others. Keep up the good work!

- Meg Soprano
PE Teacher K-5, Prairie Elementary
Lafayette, Louisiana


EZScan provides a service that allows for easy and seamless data collection for our running club. Students enjoy seeing their progress with each scanned lap, and I enjoy not poring over numbers and data as everything is done for me. Scan, Sync, and it’s done. The website is easy to use and provides several “extras” in terms of how to help me run my running club smoothly. I highly recommend EZScan!

- Jessica Leggett
K-4 Physical Education Teacher, Linden STEAM Academy
Malden, Massachusetts


Fitness Finders, EZ Scan and EZ Tally has amazing products, services, support and technology which are incredibly valuable in that anyone can use this system because it is "EZ"! We support 20+ schools in our county serving over 6000 students so simplicity is why we love this program and all its' services. 

- Jessica Rauch
PK-8th grade, Battle Creek Family YMCA - Operation Fit
Battle Creek, Michigan


EZ Scan has made mileage tracking so easy for our school's 100 mile club. I also love the cards I ordered with our school logo and each students' QR code. The cards are durable and saved me hours of time printing, cutting and laminating my own cards. I recommend EZ scan to any school who has a mileage club.

- Denise Hoy
Physical Education Specialist Grades K-5, Clark County School District
Clark County, Nevada


We provide EZ Scan to our 44 elementary campuses and 13 middle school campuses. EZ Scan is used to help with jog clubs, daily activities, and assessments. Teacher feedback about using this technology program is so positive and many say it has been a “game changer” in their classrooms. One major advantage to using this program is it allows teachers to truly monitor their kids safety while accurate student data is collected for the teacher.

- Molly Pipak
K-12 PE & Health Coordinator, Plano ISD
Plano, Texas

Our students have participated in a school wide running program for many years. We have always struggled trying find different ways to keep track of their mileage. We had the opportunity to pilot the Fitness Finders program a few years ago and it rocked our world! The program has saved us hours and hours of time since we no longer manually enter mileage. We love it and our scholars thrive on the instant feedback they receive when scanning their QR code. Shout out for making our running program at Townsell Elementary much more efficient and fun for all!

- Angie Snyder
K-5 Physical Education, Townsell Elementary
Irving, Texas

EZ Scan has made our run program much more enjoyable for our students because it makes setting goals possible for them. The students seem to push themselves harder now because they can see the fruits of their labor. They like being able to see how many laps they have completed every time they scan their badge. It has also encouraged students to wear their badges more consistently because they never know what 2 days we will be running each week.

- Dee Darst
Elementary P.E. Teacher, Johnston Elementary School
Irving, Texas

The QR scanning program has been a huge success for us. It has significantly cut down the time we spend keeping track of mileage.

- Melissa Fulton
Physical Education Teacher K-5, John Haley Elementary
Irving, Texas

I was actively looking for a tracking system that I could use to keep up with the laps that our students were running during their class period. The journey that I have been on with EZ Scan Fitness Finders has been amazing. Everyone has been extremely helpful, patient, patient, and accessible. I meant to write patient twice it was not a mistake. I cannot express how nervous I was at trying a running program like but I was able to talk with Debbie and Thad, so many times, on either the phone or through their chat system. Each time they were so kind and eager to help me get the system set up. I am so happy with this system, it has evolved from tracking laps to keeping time, great charts –which I used for my T-TESS goals. Oh yes, the students love the pirate theme sayings/chants-encouraging them after each lap. I haven’t started talking about the awards that you can print and the amazing toe tokens that my students cannot wait to receive at the end of our grading period. Our parents love seeing how many miles their children are running. This program has truly been a life saver and a blessing to my entire running program.

- Pamela Gail Thompson
Health Fitness Teacher K-5, Hunters Creek Elementary
Spring Branch, Texas


The EZ-Scan program has not only improved student performance but data collection as well. My students are super motivated to set running goals and view their progress each week. Gone are the days of using markers, sticks, and paper to track laps!

- Scott Kamholtz
Elementary Physical Education, John B. Dey Elementary School
Virginia Beach, Virginia


Fitness Finders is a game changer in building a community at my school that loves to run. My students are coming to school early to get their laps in for tokens, shirts, and other prizes. They understand Cardiorespiratory Endurance at a deeper level, they can have conversations about intensity and how it affects their heart rate, and they do this all as a choice. Reach out to me on twitter or shoot me an email with any questions about this amazing product!

- Alex O'Brien ( @AlexOBrien )
SHAPE WA Elementary Teacher of the Year 2019