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Challenge Series® awards
Youth Running and Walking Program

The Challenge Series® is a youth running or walking program combined with imaginative monthly events and accompanying awards for enhanced physical activity. The Series may be conducted as often as once a month, for nine months, just once a year or any number in between. The monthly challenges may be held during physical education classes, after school, at recess, as an active assembly, at a club/recreation setting, as a community fun run or part of an established community-wide run. The challenges permit young people to participate in a one-half to one mile run/walk or, on occasion, longer distances. 

With the Challenge Series, participation and completion are the focus and are rewarded. Everyone is a winner! Upon completing the specified distance, each young person receives a special award for the event. For example, a pumpkin is awarded for an October Pumpkin Run or a shamrock is provided for a March Shamrock Shuffle.

The Challenge Series is a powerful, event-driven activity that encourages young people to set a goal of walking/running a specified distance. The excitement, fun and joy of powerful peer support to train, and perform the actual run/walk and the resulting satisfaction of a job well done are contagious.

The Challenge Series enhances young people’s aerobic scores, combats weight issues, provides an event for Fitness Fridays, and permits the hosting of community events, or generating public relations for your school or event. The kit has everything you need for race organization, training, collaborative efforts, rewards and fun.
The Challenge Series is the ideal and complete youth running and youth walking program.