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These little plastic feet have been our most popular awards for decades.  Kids love 'em!

Our Toe Tokens® are known far and wide for being excellent awards for students. Use the magic of Toe Tokens to reduce playground hassles, improve learning readiness, fight obesity and build active living. Kids everywhere love them!

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Toe Token Running Club Awards Toe Tokens®
Starting at $6.95
NEW! Quantity 250 - Starting at $22.50
Youth Fitness Awards - Frosty Toes Frosty Toes™
Starting at $7.95
Fitness Awards - Twinkle Toe Tokens Twinkle Toes™
Starting at $7.95
Little Plastic Feet, Mileage Club Awards, Twirl Toes Twirl Toes™
Starting at $7.95
Fitness Awards - See-Through Toe Tokens See-Through Toes
Starting at $7.95
Fitness Awards - Glow Toe Tokens Glow Toes
Starting at $7.95
Kids Fitness Awards - Tropical Toes Tropical Toes
Starting at $7.95
Fitness Awards - Freckle Toe Tokens Freckle Toes
Starting at $7.95
Fitness Awards - Pastel Toe Tokens Pastel Toes
Starting at $7.95
Sale Price $6.95
You save $1.00!
Fitness awards for kids - Toe Token Bundle Toe Token® Bundle
Our Price: $13.95
Shimmering Toe Fitness Award. Shimmer Toes
Starting at $7.95