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Customer Praise for Reading Incentives
Last Updated: 11/22/2011

"I wanted to tell you I applied for a grant for the first time for this Paws for Reading program and guess what?? I got it!! I will be adding writing charms this year. Once again parent conferences have started and I began "take home reading" and the necklaces two weeks ago. Parents are once again saying how motivated their kids are to read and how excited they are. I talked to my teaching partner and wondered why, after years of doing the "take home reading" program and earning a free book, now the last two years parents are noticing such a difference. It has to be the paw charms!!!

So my school as a whole has been concerned about the kids not knowing their math facts. I took a catalog to one teacher and showed the math charms. She took it to our administration and they are willing to fund it for the whole school.

Just wanted to let you know what a difference your product makes. The sooner we can catch them with reading the easier school will be for them.

Have a great week!

First Grade Teacher, Florida

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