Get Your Students Moving
Mileage Club®!

The Story of Fitness Finders® 

Fitness Finders® was founded by Dr. Charles and Beth Kuntzleman as part of a lifelong mission to improve the health and fitness of young people. With a relentless passion for wellness, as well as a commitment to the importance of physical education in schools, Charlie and Beth created a company intent on empowering children to make positive choices.

Shaping America’s Future with Mileage Club®, Toe Tokens®, & EZ Scan®

In 1986, Fitness Finders® created Mileage Club®, an all-inclusive walk/run club program for kids offering knowledge, support, and practical tools to track students’ mileage, while also motivating and rewarding them for their efforts and success. Mileage Club® quickly became America’s #1 run club for kids – and still is!

In 1993, the Toe Token® was introduced. These tiny, plastic feet are America’s best-selling run club incentive. Tens of millions of Toe Tokens® have since been awarded – that’s a lot of miles, and a lot of proud smiles!

Fitness Finders® knows that Toe Tokens® are most effective when the only way kids can earn them is by working for them. Fitness Finders® is a sole source provider for Toe Tokens®. Our company policy is to offer Toe Tokens® exclusively to leaders who are using them as part of a walk/run club. This creates a “Token Economy” that motivates kids to be active. (Read about the effectiveness of Token Economies.)

Fitness Finders® continues to innovate in youth fitness by developing EZ Scan®. The EZ Scan 2 App can be downloaded to multiple smartphones and tablets; it is used to count and record laps while students run. This data is then transferred at the push of a button to EZ Tally®, the accompanying online database which stores and organizes all the information while tracking student progress and allowing leaders to customize their award system.

Fitness Finders® Manufacturing

Fitness Finders® manufactures all plastic tokens onsite. This enables us to have more control over the quality of our products and the recycling of waste, as well as minimizing the time it takes to fulfill customer orders. We’re proud that 99% of our products are made in the U.S.A.

As the success of Toe Tokens® grew, Fitness Finders® received consistent requests from schools for more awards and charms to motivate students in a variety of subjects and areas of life. We responded by creating programs, along with accompanying tokens: I Love to Read™, Challenge Series™ Fun Runs, Character Bound™, Pack-a-Snack™, I Don’t Bully™, and Zooper Safari™. Fitness Finders® offers over 400 motivational charms in a wide variety of categories: Active Living, Academic, School Attendance, Encouragement, School Spirit, Character, STEM, the Arts, and more.

The Legacy Continues

Fitness Finders® continues its legacy as a family business: 50+ years in the fields of physical fitness, health, and education. We care about young people! And, we care about the teachers, principals, coaches, librarians, health professionals, and leaders who are working hard to have a positive impact on in their communities. We strive to be a resource in innovative motivational techniques and positive reinforcement. That’s why we don’t just sell awards. We offer programs, curricula, resources, and an online community in which youth leaders can share ideas and encourage one another. We invite you to join the Fitness Finders®, Mileage Club®, and EZ Scan® family!