Turkey Trot Bundle
Turkey Trot Bundle
Turkey Trot Challenge Series

Our Turkey Trot Bundle - School Edition includes the Turkey Trot Challenge Series Curriculum and equips 100 students with:
24” LaceLink™ Lanyard
Turkey Trot Certificates
Wacky Turkey Token Awards

Our Price: $79.95


Product Description
🦃 **Turkey Trot Bundle for Kids - School Edition** 🏃

Get ready to gobble up the fun with our exclusive Turkey Trot Bundle designed especially for schools! Perfect for organizing a spirited Turkey Trot event or rewarding young participants, this bundle includes everything you need to make your event a feather-filled success.

**What's Included:**

🌟 **100 Wacky Turkey Tokens**: These colorful tokens are the key to fun and motivation! Kids can collect them throughout the event.
🎖️ **100 Turkey Trot Certificates**: Celebrate every participant's achievement with these vibrant certificates. Each certificate acknowledges their effort and participation in the Turkey Trot.
🔑 **100 Lanyards**: Keep those Turkey Tokens safe and easily accessible with our sturdy lanyards. Kids can proudly display their tokens throughout the event, adding to the excitement.

📚 **Curriculum Enhancement**: Our comprehensive curriculum guide provides teachers with engaging activities and lesson plans that integrate the Turkey Trot event into the classroom.

**Why Choose Our Bundle?**

🎉 **Promotes Active Participation**: Encourage physical activity and healthy competition among students in a festive atmosphere.

🌈 **Inclusive and Fun**: Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, fostering a sense of community and achievement.

📜 **Personalized Recognition**: Each participant receives a certificate to commemorate their involvement, boosting self-esteem and motivation.

🍎 **Educational Value**: Seamlessly integrate the event into your school's curriculum with our curated educational resources.

Whether you're gearing up for a fall festival, a Thanksgiving celebration, or simply want to add some extra excitement to your school day, the Turkey Trot Bundle is your all-in-one solution. Let's make this Turkey Trot an event to remember!

👟🦃 Hurry, lace up those sneakers and join the fun! Order your Turkey Trot Bundle today and get ready to trot towards a memorable and active school experience.

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