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Reading Program Materials - School Starter Kit I Love to Read - School Starter Kit
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Reading Program Materials - I Love to Read Teacher Packet I Love to Read - Teacher Packet
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Reading Program Materials - Teacher Mini-Kit I Love to Read - Teacher Mini-Kit
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Read Program Materials - Super Starter Kit I Love to Read - Super Starter Kit
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Academic Awards - Book Charms Book Charms
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Kids Reading Awards - Bright Book Charms Bright Books
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Reading Awards - Bookworm Charm BW the Bookworm
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BW Bookmarks for Youth Reading BW Bookmarks
Our Price: $3.35
I Love to Read. This dynamic, incentive-based program gets children to read books, magazines, short stories and more! When a student reads for 15 minutes, he/she colors in a picture of BW, our Bookworm mascot, on their Bookkeeper Card. When all pictures are colored (representing two hours of reading) the student receives a colorful Book Charm - a plastic book-shaped award that can be worn on backpacks, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

The following listing of items will help you put into place an I Love to Read program that is educationally sound, developmentally appropriate and highly motivating.

Learning to read is fun
I Love to Read - our fun, easy-to-run program - helps students in grades K-5 become excited about reading! Thankfully, this reading program doesn't take up a lot of your time. Today's teachers have much to do, so we have done everything we can to make this program as simple as possible.
I Love to Read is an effective way to help students in Grades K-5 read more.
Students and their parents keep track of how much they read at home using a Bookkeeper Card. Each time a student reads (or is read to) for 15 minutes, he/she colors in a picture of BW (BW stands for Bookworm, and is the name of our program's mascot) on the Card. Once the student has colored in all the pictures of BW (read two hours), the parent or caregiver signs the card and then returns it to school. Each time a student returns a completed card, the teacher provides him/her with a Book Charm, records the accomplishment on the Reading Roster and gives him/her a new Bookkeeper Card.

I Love to Read materials come in two packets - Coordinator's Packet and Teacher's Packet.

  • Coordinator's Instructions:
    Instructions for running a successful program.
  • Motivational Ideas:
    Ideas to get students excited about the program.
  • Total Reading Hours:
    A chart to track school progress by class.
  • Recommended Book List:
    Lists the best children's books by grade level.
  • BW the Bookworm Certificate:
    Reproducible certificate to award to students.
  • 100 Hour Progress Bulletin:
    A certificate to post when you log 100 hours of reading, school-wide.
  • Sample Parent Letter:
    Fill-in-the-blank letters that explain the program.
  • Letterhead:
    Reproducible letterhead for notes to teachers and/or parents.
  • Teacher's Tips:
    Instructions for the teacher.
  • Reading Roster:
    A chart to keep track of each child's progress.
  • BW the Bookworm Pattern:
    Reproducible pattern for children to color and post each time they finish a Bookkeeper Card.
  • BW the Bookworm Markers:
    Fun, colorful bookmarks for participating students, featuring BW the Bookworm (25 in each packet).
  • Bookkeeper Cards:
    Cards used to keep track of hours read (100 in each packet).
  • Book Charms:
    100 Book Charms - one Charm awarded for each completed Bookkeeper Card.


To run this program, follow these four easy steps
  1. Hand out a Bookkeeper Card and one BW Marker to each participating student.

  2. Tell the students to color in one of the pictures of BW the Bookworm on their Bookkeeper Card each time they read (or someone reads to them) for 15 minutes. Remind them to
    have their parents sign the card and return it to you once they have colored in all the bookworms.

  3. Let your students choose a Book Charm award each time they return a completed Bookkeeper Card. (Encourage them to collect all available colors.)

  4. Check off one of the books next to the student's name on the Reading Roster each time they complete a Bookkeeper Card. Give the student a new Card.
I Love to Read is that simple. So order now. If you order before 11 am (Eastern time), we will try to ship the same day! We're committed to serving you, so you can do your job of educating America's youth.