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Starting at $5.79
Character Bound® provides administrators, teachers and youth leaders with a cost-effective, easy-to-implement character education program emphasizing 15 character traits.

It covers positive character traits grouped into the three modules of kindness, integrity and citizenship (Canadian version of Citizenship is also available). Each module includes four specific character traits, for example, a person with kindness shows compassion, respect, cooperation and fairness to others.

Each module is designed as a one-month program highlighting one character trait per week. Yearly, all grades learn identical traits with developmentally appropriate materials. Character Bound is implemented on a three-year rotating basis with one module taught each year. The three year rotation provides teacher/youth leader with lessons at both the lower and upper elementary levels for each module and character trait.

Your elementary students will love this character education program!

The following items will help you put into place the Character Bound program that shapes our future citizens.
  • Enhance classroom management.
  • Introduce valuable lifelong skills.
  • Build students' moral compasses.
This program includes awards, 15-minute lessons and posters. It is an inexpensive, one-month program that utilizes effective character incentives.


A character education program that works!
Character Bound is a simple, teacher-friendly character education program that helps you:
  • Enhance class management
  • Improve children's behavior
  • Show youth how to be considerate of others
This is a program that works because it is designed and tested by teachers who know how to:
  • Capture children's interest
  • Integrate character education into the school day
  • Get students on the road to success
How the Program Works:
Character Bound covers fifteen character traits in a three-year program. The traits are grouped into three classifications of Kindness, Integrity and Citizenship.

Each classification is developed as a four-week program, highlighting one character trait each week. Lesson plans are provided for both lower and upper elementary students. Using the three-year rotation, a student will receive instruction on each classification at both the lower and upper elementary levels.
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Benefits of Character Bound
This is a program that a classroom teacher, entire school or physical education teacher can use.
  • Helps teachers teach
  • Improves classroom management
  • Requires minimal teacher preparation
  • Keeps students actively involved
  • Makes teaching fun
  • Avoids boredom and repetitive curriculum
  • Allows flexibility in implementation
  • Defines and explains distinct character traits
  • Provides short-term (4-week) program
  • Keeps program costs low
  • Provides great incentives
  • Permits extension of program throughout the school year
Everything you need to make your program a success. You will receive one Coordinator Packet and 18  Teacher Packets (6 Kindness, 6 Integrity, 6 Citizenship).
  • Bright, vibrant school poster:
    Announces your organization's participation in Character Bound
  • Motivational ideas:
    Use for the entire school or individual classroom
  • Reproducible Certificate:
    Make as many copies as you need
  • Sample Letter:
    Inform parents and teachers about program
  • Character Bound letterhead stationary:
    Use with sample letter
  • Lesson plans:
    For both lower and upper elementary school-aged children
  • Classroom posters:
    5 classroom posters are provided for each of the three modules (Kindness, Intergrity, Citizenship)
  • Character Awards:
    2,250 character awards (tags or stars in 18 teacher packets x 5 bags of 25 awards = 2,250)
  • Character Bound explanation:
    Tells how to run the program
  • Recording Sheet:
    Keep track of individual students' progress