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Shaping America’s Future with Mileage Club®, Toe Tokens®, & EZ Scan®

In 1986, Fitness Finders® created Mileage Club®, an all-inclusive walk/run club program for kids offering knowledge, support, and practical tools to track students’ mileage, while also motivating and rewarding them for their efforts and success. Mileage Club® quickly became America’s #1 run club for kids – and still is!

In 1993, the Toe Token® was introduced. These tiny, plastic feet are America’s best-selling run club incentive. Tens of millions of Toe Tokens® have since been awarded – that’s a lot of miles, and a lot of proud smiles!

Fitness Finders® knows that Toe Tokens® are most effective when the only way kids can earn them is by working for them. Fitness Finders® is a sole source provider for Toe Tokens®. Our company policy is to offer Toe Tokens® exclusively to leaders who are using them as part of a walk/run club. This creates a “Token Economy” that motivates kids to be active. (Read about the effectiveness of Token Economies.)

Fitness Finders® continues to innovate in youth fitness by developing EZ Scan®. The EZ Scan 2 App can be downloaded to multiple smartphones and tablets; it is used to count and record laps while students run. This data is then transferred at the push of a button to EZ Tally®, the accompanying online database which stores and organizes all the information while tracking student progress and allowing leaders to customize their award system.