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Physical Education: A Possible Way to Decrease Heart Disease Risk in Youth
In November 2009, at the annual American Heart Association meeting in Orlando FL, German researchers reported something that many have suspected. That is, daily physical education helps decrease c
Overweight Youth - A Growing Epidemic
On November 12, 2009 CNN reported on a story that every teacher, administrator, school board member and parent should read. Essentially the report noted that: Children are not playing outside
The Science Behind Behavior Change
The science behind behavior change is the story of motivation and habit, which in neuroscience is the story of dopamine receptor activation and the separate story of long term potentiation. Wha
Strength Training: It's Impact on Young People's Health
Strength training, properly performed, is not only for athletes. It is ideal for all ages, especially those who are between the ages of 10 to 18. These benefits can be grouped into 3 broad categor
Bone Health: Physical Education, Sports and Physical Activity
During the past several years we have talked, on this website, about the benefits of physical activity on bone health and bone mineral density (BMD). Bone health and BMD are related to osteogenesi
Customer Praise for Mileage Club
p.sansserif{font:1.25em calibri,sans-serif;} "I grew up in a small town called Dresden in northwest Tennessee. When I was in the fourth grade, the P.E. instructor in my elementar