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October Monthly Motivators
October Medallion
Halloween/Fall Festival
Computer Learning Month
Drug Free Month
Family Health Month
Fire Prevention Month
Healthy Lung Month
National Clock Month
New this year are our Monthly Medalist awards.  A simple design of a bright orange oval with the word 'October' printed across the front.  It's almost spooky the number of ways this medal can be used.
One of the most well known symbols of the fall season is a Pumpkin.  So why not use one to reward your students. We have Pumpkins in bright orange and others that glow-in-the-dark.
These Pumpkins are sure to motivate students to do many things - maybe even clean their desks. Teachers have awarded these pumpkins for:
  • Pumpkin Runs
  • Halloween prizes
  • Perfect attendance in the month of October
  • Good behavior
  • Books read
  • Legible handwriting (wouldn't that be nice)
  • Projects completed
The list goes on and on.  Use your imagination and see what clever ways you can "field" these Pumpkin Awards.
We also have Orange and Black Toe Tokens.  Or what about a glow-in-the-dark Light Bulb to remind them to wear bright clothing when they are outside during this time of year? 
And if you have the time, drop us a note regarding your unique idea.  We will definitely "carve out" time for you.
Your students cannot imagine life without computers.  The technology available to them is amazing and exciting.
Celebrate Computer Learning Month with fun activities and lessons that enable your students to take full advantage of their computers and cyberspace.  Monitor and reward their success when they learn a new task or discover a new method of accessing information sources.
Our Monitor Mouse award will be just the thing to keep their interest.



You've taught your students good decision-making skills so they will avoid high-risk behavior.  Now let them know you are proud of them and reward them for being Drug Free!
Drug FreeTag or Star reminds your students that they are not alone in the fight against drug abuse.  Share in their success and empower them to continue onward. 
Purchase as few as 25 or as many as 1,000 of these red Drug Free awards.  Your students will be thrilled to know you really care.
Also check out our wonderful set of Lungs.  Students who keep their lungs healthy by saying "no" to smoking will be tickled pink with this reward.
The American Academy of Family Physicians celebrates October by encouraging individuals to take a health inventory of their family.  This inventory includes eating habits, physical fitness, tobacco and alcohol hazards, and stress and mental health.
An excellent way to promote this health inventory would be to start a Families in Training program.  This easy-to-use, fun-to-be-involved-in program provides a calendar for recording, stickers for motivation and awards for completion.  Each individual, and the entire family, sets goals.  The individuals then train in the activities they enjoy.  A win-win for everyone involved.
Fire prevention lessons and drills can become mundane when they are repeated each year.  Spark some interest by setting specific goals for each class or the entire school.  Goals may include lessons completed, posters made, performance on fire drills, etc.
Award them with a Thumbs Up, a Well Done, the Principal's Award or an Outstanding Achievement Award.  (You could even use the Clock Award for specific time goals.)  You will definitely be fanning the flame for fire prevention.
Healthy Lung Month is sponsored by the American Lung Association.  This awareness compaign seeks to increase awareness in the maintenance of healthy lungs.
We at Fitness Finders, Inc. have healthy lungs - literally.  We are a smoke-free company and not one employee smokes.  We also have healthy Lungs in our warehouse - lots of them!
Each bag of pink, healthy-looking Lungs also contains two black lungs for emphasis.  Encourage your students to take a fresh breath of air by being smoke-free.
The Lungs may also be used as awards for running events and other endurance activities.
Every day people are looking for more time in their day.  Give them more time with the Clock AwardThis timely piece can be awarded for:
  • Learning how to read a clock
  • Being on time
  • Handing papers in on time
  • Completing projects on time

Let’s “face” it; these Clock Awards will be received with great enthusiasm, “hands” down.