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February Monthly Motivators
Valentine's Day
American Heart Month
February Medallion
George Washington's Birthday
100th Day of School
National Snack Food Month
February is known as heart month. So we thought we should have a heart-to-heart discussion about the heart. We have two of them, hearts that is. We offer a traditional Valentine's Heart and the replica of a real Heart.
In your heart of hearts you know your students have a heart of gold. And even though you had your heart set on giving each of them a gold plated pen for Valentine's Day, we think you might want to reconsider.
These cute as can be Valentine Hearts come in bags of 50 for only $7.95. Now that is a sweet deal for Valentine's Day.
So share your heart with your students. They will love you from the bottom of their hearts.
If Valentine's Day is a bit too sweet for you, how about celebrating American Heart Month?
The health of our nation can break your heart, but we should not lose heart. Instead, take heart and help your students learn that heart health is at the heart of the matter.
These anatomically correct Heart Awards are a great way to help students learn about heart health. Their hearts will skip a beat when they receive such an award. It will bless your heart.
At only $7.95 for 50, you can give these Heart Awards out to your heart's content. In your heart of hearts you know you want to.
We also have Red Advocacy Ribbons.  Advocacy ribbons are a way to rally hearts and minds in support of a cause.  Creating awareness for heart health could bless your heart in multiple ways.
So have a heart and put your heart and soul into this one.
[Did you realize there were that many phrases regarding the heart? Actually there are more, but we think we have made our point. However, when you have your heart set on something it is hard to have a change of heart.]
It is difficult to think of February without thinking or talking about the heart.  However, If your heart is just not into it, how about the February Medallion?
The February Medallion is pink in color.  (Hold on there.  Pink?  How can the heart month medallion not be red?)  I am not sure who picked pink for the February Medallion, but their heart was in the right place.  And so will yours when you present this monthly award to your students.
The legend of George Washington and the cherry tree is a favorite story of students. Use this tree-mendous story to begin a lesson on the character trait of Honesty, then reward them with the Honesty Award.
The Honesty Award is one of 21 different character tags available.
Also check out the Character Bound Curriculum. We cannot lie; this is the easiest character education curriculum on the market. It is designed to help elementary students learn about and apply character traits. The 15-minute lessons will not chop up your current school day, but actually save you time as student behavior improves.


Start the count down for the 100th day of school. Yippee!  Let's have a party. (Check on the web at for great 100th day activities.)

As part of the celebration have the students count to 100, then award them a special, one of a kind 100 Award.

Count the cost - only $5.00 for a bag of 25 awards. And you can count on us to send them to you in record time.




Kids get about 20% of their calories from between meal snacks and beverages. In a nutshell - eating healthy snacks could have a big impact on their nutritional status.
Celebrate National Snack Month by encouraging students to bring healthy snacks to school. Reward them with one of our Nutrition Awards.  The Apple and Grape Awards are great ways to recognize their fruitful efforts.
We have at least one food item for each food group.
Grains - Bread Award
Vegetables - Broccoli and Pumpkin Awards
Fruits - Apple and Grape Awards
Meat - Fish and Turkey Awards
Improving nutritional habits isn't just peanuts.

We don't mean to spill the beans, but be sure to look for our new Pack-A-Snack snack program. We think you will find this easy-to-implement program to be very encouraging, educational and the greatest thing since sliced bread.