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We at Fitness Finders are always interested in accounts of how you are using our programs, products and services.  Many colleagues are also curious to learn from your experiences.


In the programs listed above you will find personal testimonies, tips and thoughts from others to enhance our incentives and programs, and help you better shape America’s youth.  We think you will enjoy these unique and refreshing ideas.  WE DO!  We are constantly amazed at the creativity.  Read and enjoy.


If you wish, please take a moment to submit an idea or story that has helped you and those you serve — something which has made people more physically active, better readers, people of enhanced character or higher achievers in all areas of their lives.


Who knows, your uncommon approach may be just the ticket to helping a colleague encourage another child/adult to enjoy school more, become a volunteer, assist another person or strive to be a better citizen.


To us, teachers and youth leaders are the unsung heroes of this age.  They are shaping the future of those who will follow.


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