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Youth Achievement Awards - Holiday Lights Holiday Lights

Light up people’s lives and get into the holiday spirit with this festive new mix. Guaranteed to add some pizzazz to any classroom, locker, or youngster's face. (7/8" tall)

Festive three-color assortment: trans blue, trans green and trans red.

Note: Beaded chains are sold separately.

Starting at $5.79
Sale Price: $2.90
You save $2.89!
Student Achievement Awards - 1st Place 1st Place

Reward hard work and effort.

Starting at $4.25
Student Achievement Awards - 2nd Place 2nd Place

Reward hard work and effort.

Starting at $4.25
Student Achievement Awards - 3rd Place 3rd Place

Reward hard work and effort.

Starting at $4.25
Student Awards - Birthday Balloon Birthday Balloon

Everyone has a birthday. Standard Mix or Pastel. (1" tall)

Starting at $5.79
Monthly Medallions Monthly Medallions

These Medallions have many uses, including perfect attendance for the month.  Birthdays, special event days, and/or monthly school events/themes may be emphasized and recognized.  Each month has its own color.

Starting at $5.79
Youth Awards - Cross Cross

Signifies the "greatest story ever told." (3/4" tall)

Starting at $5.79
Student Awards - Recycling Award Recycling Award

Help preserve our environment.

Starting at $5.79
Student Awards - Peace Symbol Peace Symbol

A classic symbol to a new generation.

Starting at $5.79
Student Achievement Awards - Toothless Toothless

Recognize this common "rite of passage."

Starting at $5.79
Youth Academic Awards - Graduation Cap Graduation Cap

It's graduation time!

Starting at $5.79
Twirl T-Shirt Twirl T-Shirt

Spirals, bright colors and swirling designs liven up this award. Make a statement about your fitness program by having your group sport this vibrant style. Terrific award for Field Day or for students that wear the appropriate clothing to gym class. (1" tall)

Assortment of six brilliant colors: red (orange/yellow twirl), green (yellow/fuchsia/green twirl), teal (yellow/fuchsia/purple twirl), blue (white twirl), plum shimmer (fuchsia/blue twirl), white (fuchsia/purple twirl).

Note: Beaded chains are sold separately.

Starting at $5.79
Youth Achievement Awards - Patriotic Star Patriotic Star

Let the fireworks begin!

Starting at $5.79
Megaphone Spirit Award Megaphone

Megaphone award for cheerleading, pep rallies, and student advocacy groups.

Starting at $5.79
Field Day Awards - Outstanding Achievement Ribbon (Field Day) Field Day Outstanding Achievement Ribbon

Here is a low cost way to fund your field day awards.  Three classic field day colors: Red, white, blue.  (7/8" wide).

Starting at $6.79
Field Day Awards - Field Day Ribbon Field Day Ribbon

Solve field day dilemmas.  These awards are perfect for every child who shows up and gives it their all.  Five bright, assorted colors: blue, green, orange, purple, yellow.  (7/8" wide).

Starting at $6.79
Kids Academic Awards - Globe Globe

A jewel from space.  Updated and Improved. (1" diameter)

Starting at $6.79
Limited Time Field Day Ribbons - Youth Fitness Awards Field Day Place Ribbons

Available in Gold, Silver, & Bronze, Field Day Place Ribbons remind students of competitions among the ancient Greeks. These unique awards will galvanize your students to strive to succeed on Field Day. (7/8” wide)

Field Day Place Ribbons are available in single-color bags of 25.

Our Price: $6.79
Motivational Awards - Pilgrim's Hat Pilgrim's Hat

Commemorate Thanksgiving (black only).

Starting at $8.49
Motivational Awards - Gift Box Gift Box Award

This award works for any special day.

Starting at $8.49
Youth Motivational Awards - Valentine Heart Valentine

Now you have a choice between a replica of a human heart or a Valentine heart.  Great way to motivate and award kids in February!  Red.  (7/8" tall).

Starting at $8.49
Youth Motivational Awards - Valentine (Limited Edition) Valentine Mixed

Colorful revision of Cupid's heart.

Starting at $8.49
Youth Motivational Awards - Shamrock Shamrock

The word "shamrock" comes from the Irish word "seamrog," which means little clover. Whether you’re welcoming spring, celebrating St Patrick’s Day in March, or awarding hard work in 4-H, students love these vibrant green clovers! (7/8" tall).

Starting at $8.49
Youth Motivational Awards - Shamrock Shamrock Mixed

Motivate and award your students’ most special achievements in March with this fun mix of fancy Shamrocks. Your students will love these classy 5 mixed colors – Lime Green Pearl, Glacier Green, Forest Pearl, Dark Green Pearl, and Bronze! (7/8" tall).

Starting at $8.49
Motivational Awards - Flag Flag

For special school/agency, state or national events.

Starting at $8.49
Monthly-Themed Awards - Twirl Flag Twirl Flag

Add some flair to your patriotic celebrations with our stylized representation of this iconic national symbol. Get your youngsters to fly this flag at full-staff and wear it with pride! Terrific twirl of red white and blue; no two are alike. (7/8" tall)

Note: Beaded chains are sold separately.

Starting at $9.49
Monthly Medallion Super Bags Monthly Medallion Super Bags

Due to their generic nature, Monthly Medallions may be used in many different ways. We have a Monthly Medallion for every month of the year, and each has its own color. Our Super Bags let you stock up on Monthly Medallions at a discount. We offer 9-month and 12-month packages, in your choice of 25, 100 or 500-count packs of each monthly award. See below for product codes. (1" wide)

9 Month Super Bags (September - May)

192-091 (25 of Each Month)
192-092 (100 of Each Month)
192-093 (500 of Each Month)
12 Month Super Bags (January - December)
192-121 (25 of Each Month)
192-122 (100 of Each Month)
192-123 (500 of Each Month)

Note: One month per bag. No mixed bags.

Starting at $44.00