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Mileage Club® - Wrist Bands Mileage Club® Wristbands

Let students show they're a member of the Mileage Club® band.

Starting at $0.55
Fitness Awards - Toe Token™ Folder Toe Token® Folder

The Toe Token™ Folder may be used as an award for students or as an organization tool for teachers running Mileage Club® Holds 8½" x 11" paper.

Starting at $2.15
Kids Fitness Awards - Funky Footwear Stickers Funky Footwear Stickers

Excellent incentives for kids who show they like to move and be fit.  30 different acid-free stickers.  Stickers match I Love to Move t-shirts.

Starting at $2.75
Fitness Awards - Water Bottles Mileage Club® Water Bottle (White) [135-000]

Use water bottles to keep your milers motivated and thirsts quenched.  Holds almost a quart of water and slides easily into most water bottle and cup holders.

Starting at $4.29
Fitness Apparel - Mega Mileage Club T-Shirt Mega Mileage Club® T-Shirt

Reward participants with 50/50 Mega Mileage Club® T-Shirt.

Starting at $10.39
Sale price starting at $5.00
Walking Club Incentives - Mileage Club Certificates Mileage Club® Certificate

<p>For determined Mileage Club® certificates. <i>(8 ½" x 11")</i></p>

Starting at $6.49
Fitness Apparel - Mileage Club T-Shirt Mileage Club® T-Shirt

You'll be proud to wear this white (50/50) Mileage Club® T-shirt with its multicolored Mileage Club banner and Toe Token™ logo.  Available in seven sizes.

Starting at $10.39
PE Apparel - I Love to Move T-Shirt I Love to Move T-Shirt

Wanna tell the world that you value physical activity?  Wear one of these beautiful 50/50 shirts today.  These go so well with our Funky Footwear Stickers that we'll include a card of 30 different stickers for every I Love to Move t-shirt you order.  Available in seven sizes.

Starting at $10.95
Kids Fitness Awards - Sport Packs, drawstring bag Mileage Club® Sport Pack

Drawstring sport pack in seven colors.

Starting at $10.95
Mileage Club® - Walk-A-Long Wristbands Walk-A-Long Wristbands

Here are great motivators to help young people be fit and active. Debossed with "Mileage Club" and foot imprints, these wrist bands are available in five classic colors.

Starting at $21.25