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Toe Token Running Club Awards Toe Tokens®

Our first and most popular set of Toe Tokens™. (7/8" long)

Starting at $6.95
Youth Fitness Awards - Frosty Toes Frosty Toes™

Everybody freeze! These frosty phalanges promise to be a hit. (7/8" long)

Starting at $7.95
Fitness Awards - Twinkle Toe Tokens Twinkle Toes™

Bright, see-through toe tokens with sparkles inside. (7/8" long)

Starting at $7.95
Little Plastic Feet, Mileage Club Awards, Twirl Toes Twirl Toes™

These Toes twist, twirl and swirl.  No two are alike. (7/8" tall)

Starting at $7.95
Fitness Awards - See-Through Toe Tokens See-Through Toes

These see-through Toe Tokens™ are a big hit with kids.  7/8" long.

Starting at $7.95
Fitness Awards - Glow Toe Tokens Glow Toes

Put a twinkle in your students' eyes. Glow-in-the-dark Toe Tokens™ motivate them to reach for the stars! (7/8" long)

Starting at $7.95
Kids Fitness Awards - Tropical Toes Tropical Toes

We've added tropical flair to our Toe Token offerings. (7/8" long)

Starting at $7.95
Fitness Awards - Freckle Toe Tokens Freckle Toes

These unique Toe Tokens™ have oodles of speckles, and freckles embedded in seven different colors.  (7/8" long).

Starting at $7.95
Fitness Awards - Ten Toes Ten Toes

Double your runners’ fun with Ten Toes! Reminiscent of leaving footprints in the sand at the beach, these jewel-toned, see-through footsteps are a playful complement to our Toe Tokens®. (1¼" long)

Starting at $5.79
Student Fitness Awards - 'Tween Toes 'Tween Toes™

Sharp complement to all our awards.

Starting at $4.25
Student Fitness Awards - 'Tween Toes Glow 'Tween Toes™

These glowing little guys are beautiful separators.

Starting at $4.25
Fitness awards for kids - Toe Token Bundle Toe Token® Bundle

A melting pot of your favorite tokens all packaged into one bundle.

Our Price: $13.95
Shimmering Toe Fitness Award. Shimmer Toes

Toes are made with a glossy finish that'll be sure to capture your kids' attention.

Starting at $7.95