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Paw Medallion School Spirit Award Paw Medallion

Students love to wear these paw-shaped awards! (1" tall)

Starting at $5.79
Claw Medallion School Spirit Award Claw Medallion

Sink your talons into this school spirit medallion. (1" tall)

Starting at $5.79
School Spirit Awards - Paw Print Paw Print

Encourage school spirit and reading.

Starting at $5.79
Student Awards -  Thinking Cap Thinking Cap

"Come on!” We’ve all said it: “Put on your thinking cap.” When one of your students puts on their “cap” or “uses their head,” use this special award.  Available in eight assorted colors.  (1" long).

Starting at $5.79
Student Awards - Mileage Club® Cap Mileage Club® Cap

This sporty baseball cap embossed with the letters "MC" is a great way to spice up your Mileage Club® awards(1" long.)

Starting at $5.79
Kids Fitness Awards - T-Shirt Charm T-Shirt Charm

This itty-bitty T-shirt is a “must have” for all your Mileage Club® participants.  Award extra special achievements of walking/running/jogging running by participants of all ages.  Comes in eight  traditional “walk the shirt off your back” school colors.  Comes with a "MILEAGE CLUB" imprint on chest or plain.  (1" tall).

Starting at $5.79
Hoof Medallion School Spirit Award Hoof Medallion

Lasso a whole herd of these four-legged critters! (1" wide)

Starting at $5.79
Reading Awards and Incentives - Carnival Paw Print Carnival Paw Print

12 bright new colors; great for reading.

Starting at $5.79
School Spirit Award - Dolphin Dolphin

This swimming beauty comes in three designs and mimics its cousins in the sea.

Starting at $5.79
School Spirit Awards - Alligator Alligator

Gators on the prowl!  Sure to be a hit.

Starting at $5.79
Frog Award For Youth And Elementary School Students Frog

Get your young frogs to hop to it! (1" Tall)

Assortment of five froggy colors: apple green, dark green, green, lime green and dark olive.

Note: Beaded chains are sold separately.

Starting at $5.79
Alligator School Spirit Award Alligator (School Colors)

See you later, alligator!  (7/8" wide).

Starting at $5.79
School Spirit Award - Dolphin Dolphin (School Colors)

Friendly and intelligent mammals in 8 school colors. (1" wide.)

Starting at $5.79
Megaphone Spirit Award Megaphone

Megaphone award for cheerleading, pep rallies, and student advocacy groups.

Starting at $5.79
School Spirit Awards - Paw Print Paw Print LTD

This limited edition Paw Print comes in shimmery Gold or Silver.

Our Price: $5.79
Strength Award | Memorization - Elephant Award Elephant

Elephants are known for their tremendous size and strength, as well as their intelligence and great memories. Use our Elephant token to award students who meet strength goals in physical fitness testing; or who achieve great feats of learning, like memorizing all of the state capitals. (1.5" Wide)

Our Price: $5.79
School Spirit Awards - Glow Paw Print Glow Paw Print

Great complement to Paw Prints and Carnival Paw Prints.

Starting at $6.25