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Reading Program Awards - I Love to Read Mood Pencil I Love to Read™ Mood Pencils

Ever have someone say, "I'm in the mood for a good book!"? With Mood Pencils, you can tell what kind of mood. Four mood-testing colors – blue, green, orange, and purple. Specify color, otherwise a mixture of colors will be sent.

Starting at $0.43
BW Bookmarks for Youth Reading BW Bookmarks

Bright, sturdy paper bookmarks featuring BW the bookworm. (Sets of 25)

Our Price: $3.35
Reading Awards - Bookworm Charm BW the Bookworm

Award your students with their very own bookworm.

Starting at $5.79
Reading Program Awards - I Love to Read Mini Medals I ♥ to Read™ Mini Medal

Cute little reading medal. ("I Love to Read")

Starting at $5.79
Student Reading Incentives - Book Bugs Book Bugs

Keep your readers snug as a bug.

Starting at $5.79
Youth Reading Incentives - Reading Trophy Reading Trophy

Reading trophies reflect competence by the reader.

Starting at $5.79
Student Reading Rewards - Bright Bugs Bright Bugs

A great complement to the Book Bugs.

Starting at $5.79
Reading Awards - Reading Superstar Reading Superstar

Bring out the “super” in your young readers with this award. 8 assorted colors.

Prices Starting at $5.79
Reading Awards - Reading Book Charm Reading Book

Encourage young readers to delve into a variety of genres.

Starting at $5.79
Reading Awards - Fiction Book Charm Fiction Book

For children who dare to uncork their imaginations.

Starting at $5.79
School Reading Awards | I Love to Read Plaque I ♥ to Read™ Plaque

I ♥ to Read™ Plaque awards can be used in your classroom, after-school reading program or summer reading program (¾" wide).

Starting at $5.79
Youth Reading Incentives - Glow Bookworm Glow Worm

BW the Bookworm we mean, glows!

Starting at $6.25
Bug-shaped reading incentive for children. Glows in the dark! (1" tall.) Glow Book Bug

An award like this will have your readers glowing with success. (1" tall.)

Starting at $6.25
Reading Monsters Reading Monsters

Award those scary good moments.

Starting at $7.35
I Love to Read | T-Shirt I Love to Read™ T-Shirt

Be a hero and start your students down the pathway of success by rewarding them for reading! Perfect for any Milestone achievements during reading month.

Starting at $10.39
T-Shirt | I Love to Read Customizable I ♥ to Read™ Shirts (White)

Kids love to shout out their accomplishments. Print your name and mascot on the back of your I ♥ to Read™ T-Shirt!

Starting at $10.99
Academic Awards - Book Charms Book Charms

A top seller, Book Charms will keep the pages turning.

Starting at $12.49
Kids Reading Awards - Bright Book Charms Bright Books

A real complement to the standard color book charms.

Starting at $12.49
Glowing Book Charms Glow Book Charms

These off-white “books” glow in the dark.

Starting at $15.75
Kids Reading Incentives - Reading Month Bundle Reading Month Bundle

Includes our top reading rewards.

Our Price: $24.49
Awards for the fundamentals: bright book, writing notebook, math star, atom, perfect attendance and wow award. FUNdaMEDALS Bundle

Focus on the fundamentals and set your students up for success. (150 awards.)

Our Price: $26.45