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Challenge Series®
Looking for a simple way to challenge your young people and motivate them to be more physical active? Look no more! The Mileage Club® Challenge Series® is a run/walk series (contains nine runs) of events for youth, combined with imaginative awards for enhanced physical activity. The series may be conducted as often as monthly or just once a year. You decide! Shop Challenge Series® >>>

Character Bound®
A character education program that provides engaging, developmentally appropriate content for both upper and lower elementary students. The program has three modules: Kindness, Integrity and Citizenship. Each module teaches five character traits through a mix of instruction and fun role-playing. Kids can earn dog tags and stars by demonstrating their understanding of the content. Shop Character Bound® >>>

I Don't Bully®
A proactive, anti-bullying program that focuses on prevention through attitude and behavior change. It teaches children what bullying is and how to secure support from others and themselves. I Don't Bully® provides insights into the bully's tactics, presents techniques for gaining help from peers or adults and initiates the development of one's inner strength. Shop I Don't Bully® >>>

I ♥ to Read™
Help children get excited about reading with this simple, inexpensive K-5 program. I ♥ to Read™ can be implemented at home or at school and can be scheduled any time of the year. Motivation is key to success, and motivating kids to read is what I ♥ to Read™ does best. Shop I ♥ to Read™ >>>

An effective, simple-to-use program designed to help teachers, leaders and coaches motivate youth to increase upper body strength. Human muscular structure can be divided into 1/3 upper body and 2/3 lower body. For total body conditioning, 1/3 of all training should concentrate on the upper body. However, due to lack of equipment, this is often not the case. Shop Lift-A-Ton® >>>

Mileage Club®
The best-selling youth fitness program is a smash hit with 22,000+ schools and organizations. Mileage Club® utilizes a simple structure for tracking children's progress and rewarding them when at certain milestones. Children walk or run around a course on the playground, carrying Mileage Marker™ Cards or Tally Sticks ™ to track their laps. Each child's progress is recorded over a time, and, when they accumulate five miles, they earn a Toe Token®. Shop Mileage Club® >>>

An easy-to-implement program that helps young people learn about and participate in nutritious snacking. Why emphasize snacking? Young people eat almost 30% of their calories in snacks. Helping youth make healthy choices for 30% of their calories goes a long way towards their nutritional well-being. And that is no piece of cake! Shop Pack-a-Snack® >>>