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Mileage Club® - Wrist Bands Mileage Club® Wristbands

Let students show they're a member of the Mileage Club® band.

Starting at $0.55
Fitness Awards - Water Bottles Mileage Club® Water Bottle (White) [135-000]

Use water bottles to keep your milers motivated and thirsts quenched.  Holds almost a quart of water and slides easily into most water bottle and cup holders.

Starting at $4.29
Mileage Club - Mini Medals Mileage Club® Mini Medal

This smaller version of our Mileage Club® Training Medal  fits well on students' shoelaces along with their Toe Tokens.  Available in nine classic colors.  (7/8" wide).

Starting at $5.79
Kids fitness awards - Cardiovascular Fitness Medals Cardiovascular Medal

Here is the perfect award for distance and/or timed runs, bench step, bicycle ergometer and/or pulse recovery testing.  Generally, the better one scores on these tests, the lower the disease risk – now and in the future.  Three assorted colors: blue, red and white.  (7/8" diameter).

Starting at $5.79
Kids Fitness Awards - Lungs Lungs

We inhale/exhale almost 3/4 billion times during our lives. Each breath you take puts your internal world in intimate contact with the external world.  Keep lungs healthy by saying “no” to  smoking, staying out of polluted environments and getting plenty of physical activity.  Comes with two free black lungs in each pack of natural pink.  (7/8" tall).

Starting at $5.79
Kids Fitness Awards - Plain Treads Plain Tread

For any fitness or active living endeavor. (1-1/8" long)

Starting at $5.79
Kids Fitness Awards - FIT Treads Fit Tread

FIT (Fabulously Intensive Training). (1-1/8" long)

Starting at $5.79
Wow Wow

Wow children with this award. (1" wide.)

Starting at $5.79
Shimmering Toe Fitness Award. Shimmer Toes

Toes are made with a glossy finish that'll be sure to capture your kids' attention.

Starting at $7.95
Youth Fitness Awards - Sweat Bead Sweat Bead

For those who work hard at whatever they do.

Starting at $8.49
Motivational Awards - Swimmer Swimmer

Award "tadpoles" for acquiring various water skills.

Starting at $8.49
Youth Motivational Awards - Heart Anatomical Heart

This is not a Cupid's heart.  Instead, it is a red replica of the heart that beats inside all of us, 2 billion times or more, during our lifetime.  Amazing detail: aorta, coronary arteries and more.  Really cool.  This is what kids asked us to create.  Red.  (7/8" tall).

Starting at $8.49
Fitness Awards - FIT Feat Awards FIT Feat Awards

These new 2-3/4", multi-color Feat Awards are for those who are FIT.

Starting at $10.50
Fitness Awards - Sneaker Award Sneaker

The Sneaker Award will work for runners or walkers. (1" tall)

Starting at $12.49
Kids Fitness Awards - Jump Award Jump Award

Use for rope-jumping programs and fundraisers.  Nine assorted colors.  (¾" wide)

Starting at $12.49
Kids Fitness Awards - Walker Award Walker

Reward participants in your Mileage Club® who select the most basic form of exercise to be fit and active - walking. Ten assorted colors.  Approximately 1" tall.

Starting at $12.49
Safe Routes to School - Walking School Bus Award Walking School Bus

Great award for Safe Routes to School.  (1 1/8" long)

Starting at $12.49
Physical Fitness Awards - Jack & Jill Jumping Jack & Jill

An ideal award for kids who engage in aerobic exercise.

Starting at $12.49
Youth Fitness Awards - Tennis Shoe Tennis Shoe

A new shoe that is "old school".

Starting at $12.49
Youth Fitness Awards - Runner Award Runner

Use this award to motivate runners in your Mileage Club® and/or provide an alternative award.  Sold in ten classy, assorted colors.  (1" tall).

Starting at $12.49
Girl Runner Award Ellie on the Run

Girl running award (1" tall)

Our Price: $12.49
Mileage Club Dog Tags Metal Mileage Club® Dog Tags

These make great participation medals, or coveted capstone awards.

Starting at $12.75
Youth Fitness Awards - Glow Runner Award Glow Runner

Use this award to motivate runners in your Mileage Club® and/or provide an alternative award. (1" tall).

Starting at $14.95
Youth Fitness Awards - Glow Walker Award Glow Walker

Reward students who consistently participate in Mileage Club® with this limited edition Glow Walker. Walking strengthens the heart and bones, lowers blood pressure, eases stress, and improves mood. Shine a light on this underrated form of exercise with our Glow Walker.

Starting at $14.95
Mileage Club® - Walk-A-Long Wristbands Walk-A-Long Wristbands™

Walk-Along-Wristbands™ are stretchy silicone bracelets imprinted with the Mileage Club® logo along with Toe Token® footprints. Kids love to receive these wristbands to kick off a new Mileage Club® season, or as a reward for achieving a mileage goal as an end-of-season award.

Starting at $21.25
Sports Bundle: Baseball, Basketball, Football and Soccer Ball Sports Bundle

These realistic awards will keep your athletes in the game. (125 awards.)

Our Price: $24.49