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March Monthly Motivators

March Medallion
Music in Our Schools Month
National Nutrition Month
National Reading Month
Youth Art Month
Daylight Savings Time
St. Patrick's Day
First Day of Spring
Baseball Training Begins
March into spring with a green March Medallion (They got the color right this month.  See February Monthly Motivators for an explanation.)  Celebrate by having a green day with a green parade and I bet the other classes will be green with envy.
Music teachers take note!  March is Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM).  The purpose of MIOSM is to raise awareness of the importance of music education for all children.  It is also a time to remind citizens that school is a place where all children should have access to music. 
Our cute Music Note will be right on key with MIOSM.  This set of eighth notes will strike a chord with students and parents alike.  Be sure to check out the Music Note.
Proper nutrition is vital to education.  So why not reward students for making healthy selections? 
We do not mean to egg you on, but it will be worth your time to look at our Nutrition Awards.  Your students will go bananas over these bright, colorful tokens and the cost is small potatoes compared to many other awards. 
We have at least one food item for each food group.
Grains - Bread Award
Vegetables - Broccoli and Pumpkin Awards
Fruits - Apple and Grape Awards
Milk - Cheese Award
Meat - Fish and Turkey Awards
Bon Appetit!
National Reading Month is a big event that students look forward to each year.
Now we cannot read your mind, but we do know that providing awards for all students each year can be a big expense.  And with tight budgets, we can read the writing on the wall.
So why not check out our multitude of reading awards?  You can provide a different award for each reading level, each grade or however your program is designed.  We know flexibility is the key so we try to accommodate.
We have the following reading awards:
BW Markers (BW stands for BW the Bookworm)
If you need an easy-to-implement program take a look at IYTo Read.  No small print here, just a great program that will have your students booking it to win awards.
"Through study and appreciation of the arts, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and of society.  For children, the arts are an invitation to cultivate the skill for critical thinking and to recognize the bonds that link the diverse cultures of the world."  President William Clinton
Reward your budding Picasso, Wyeth or Rembrandt with an Art Palette.  The projects completed by your students are masterpieces.  And these state-of-the-art Art Palettes are cost efficient awards liked by kids of all ages.
Daylight Savings Time in the spring means it will be light longer at night, but it also means we lose one hour of sleep.  Reward your students for making it on time with a Clock Award.
St. Patrick's Day gives you the green light for the wearing of the green.  So go green with our Shamrock Award.  Sorry, no four-leaf clovers, but the luck of the Irish may still be with you.  Green also means the beginning of spring.  So welcome in spring with this cute green clover (Shamrock) and celebrate everyone's native land.
Spring brings visions of green grass, flowers, and "raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens".  We cannot bring you kittens but we can accommodate with Raindrop Awards and green Shamrocks.  Both awards are symbols that spring is in the air.
Spring also means the beginning of baseball season.  You may not be able to take them out to the ballpark, but you can reward them with a Baseball Cap (it's better for your teeth than Cracker Jacks).  You will be batting a thousand with your players/students with this award.  And we will not send you any curve balls either; the cost is only $5.00 for 25.  Now that could earn you extra innings with your budget.