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January Monthly Motivators
January Medallion
Student-of-the-Week Award
National Book Month
National Diet Month
National Fiber Focus Month
National Volunteer Blood Donor Month
Welcome students to the new year with the January Medallion.
Teachers love to recognize students for good behavior or excellent work.  Let the student know you appreciate his/her effort with a Student-of-the-Week award.  The student will shine like a star when this award is given.
Or how about a unique student-of-the-week award such as a cute Penguin?  Kids love penguins.  They also like to be surprised.  Establish a specific goal or level of performance.  Let your students know that a special award will be available to everyone who dives in to fulfill the requirement(s).  Keep them in the cold and do not tell them what the award will be (you could give hints).  Then have an ocean of fun and hold a classroom ceremony to award the Penguin!
Reading is essential, so use every available opportunity to encourage your students to read.  Our wide variety of reading prizes make it possible to provide awards for multiple reading events, such as Read a New Book Month (December) or your own special reading month.
Keep their nose in a book, stimulate those reading skills and let them know you appreciate such effort.


Fitness Finders, Inc. promotes healthy lifestyles rather than dieting.  However, if you have students who have lost pounds, do not 'weight'.  Reward them for their effort.
If the amount of weight lost is public knowledge, award a Mileage Medal or a BenchMARKMileage Medal numbers start at 5 and go to 125, in increments of 5.  BenchMARKS contain numbers 0-12 and come in blue, green, red, violet and yellow
If a student has obtained target weight, provide a Best Weight award.  Encouraging students to maintain healthy weight will tip the scale toward healthy living.
A Nutrition Award would also be a wonderful acknowledgement of those who are making progress in their weight management.  We have at least one food item for each food group.
Grains - Bread Award
Vegetables - Broccoli and Pumpkin Awards
Fruits - Apple and Grape Awards
Meat - Fish and Turkey Awards
While not a member of a food group, we also have an Oil Drop Award to encourage proper selection of dietary fats.
So as the US Department of Agriculture proclaims, "Eat Right.  Exercise.  Have Fun."



Adequate fiber in one's diet is essential for good health and it also keep things moving. literally.  (Low fiber diets have been implicated in obesity, intestinal cancer and other intestinal diseases.) 
Instruct your students on the how and why of fiber.  National Popcorn Day, celebrated on January 19, is a day than can be used to introduce your students to the benefits of fiber and provide an easy, healthy, fiber-filled snack.  Sorry, we do not have a popcorn award, but you can still encourage them in their movement toward more fiber with an Apple, Bread, Broccoli, Grape or Pumpkin award.
A good website for information regarding fiber is  Go to the parents' sight and check out the nutritional section.



Many high schools now conduct blood drives right at the school to make it easy for high school students to donate blood.  What a great idea!
Students who donate blood have a heart for others, so acknowledge them.  Present the student with a Heart award - either the Anatomical or the Valentine Heart.  They will love you from the bottom of their heart.