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November Monthly Motivators
November Medallion
Veterans Day - November 11
Turkey Trot Runs
Good Nutrition Month 
Don't forget about the Monthly Medallions.  We keep the days from running together on our Medallions, but we allow you to keep those awards coming month-after-month.
What a great way to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to your students, friends and family.  This bronze Turkey Award will have them singing "Turkey in the Straw".  (Encourage them to dance as well and you have a great fitness activity.)
Our favorite Thanksgiving riddle:
                                   What did the turkey say as it was placed in the oven?
                                   "I'm stuffed."
Veterans Day - November 11
During World War I the fighting ceased when a treaty was signed on the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day in the eleventh month in 1918.  Armistice Day, as it was then called, was renamed Veterans Day in 1954.
Help your students honor veterans and those currently in service by wearing a dog tag for that individual.  The Jumbo Dog Tag allows you to do just that.  These soft, plastic tags are about the size of a regular military dog tag but the Jumbo Dog Tag may be personalized by inscribing the name of someone on the tag.  
The Jumbo Dog Tags come in multiple standard colors or in a dark and light olive.  The tags may also be purchased with a yellow chain and a yellow ribbon. 
What a wondeful way to have your class honor a veteran or someone who is currently serving in the military.
In many communities, Turkey Trot runs have become as much a part of the Thanksgiving holiday as feasting and football.  Surprise your faithful runners with a special Turkey Award this year.  They will gobble with glee.
November is a great time to think about good nutrition (just before the on-slot of holiday goodies).  Reward your students with one of our Nutrition Awards for bringing a healthy snack or nutritious lunch.  We have Broccoli, Bread, Grapes, Cheese, Apples, Pumpkins, Fish and even a Turkey.  Every food group is covered in our cornucopia of awards.  That's something good to gobble about.
In case you  forgot, November is also National Raisin Bread Month.  Fortunately for you we now have a Bread Award.  We are 'raisin' the bar with our awards!
Many fall soccer programs are coming to an end.  Looking for some fun challenges for your players?  Here are some easy ways to challenge their skills and reward them at the same time.
Juggling Challenge
Use the Soccer Balls to award your players for consecutive juggles. 
The following is an award schedule used for elementary students (K-5) at Jackson Christian Elementary in Jackson, Michigan.  The students work on their juggling throughout the fall then end their soccer unit with a juggling challenge.  The challenge becomes a real encouragement to all the students as they cheer each other on and congratulate each other for their success.  Establish a progressive schedule of awards.  Set the levels according to the skill of your players.
Consecutive Juggles
2 juggles
4 juggles
6 juggles
8 juggles
10 juggles
14 juggles
18 juggles
Challenges may also be used for other soccer skills:
  • Dribbling Challenge - Dribble a ball through a course of cones in specified times.
  • Punting Challenge - Punt (or drop kick) a soccer ball specified distances.  (Measure where the ball hits the ground, not the rolling distance.)
  • Goal Challenge - Make a specified number of goals when shooting from established spots around the goal.
I am sure you can come up with more possibilities.  (How about sharing them with us?)  Again, just be sure everyone has opportunity to receive Soccer Ball award.  They may not all be successful, but set the awards so that if a student applies effort during the unit or soccer season, the first award level is attainable.