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Lift-A-Ton Benefits

• Stronger muscles, tendons, ligaments
• Increased athletic performance
• Enhanced metabolic rate
• Better posture • Less neck and back pain
• Stronger and more dense bones (which may help prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis)
• Greater capacity to meet physical challenges of life

Lift-A-Ton™ is built on 4 core concepts
Core #1 – Resistance Training
Resistance training includes any type of activity that resists or overcomes a force. Most frequently, weights are used. Body weight (as in push-ups) or resistance bands may also be used.

• Lift-A-Ton uses four exercises as benchmarks:
Bent-knee push-up
Chest press (using Thera-Band® resistance bands)
Straight-leg push-up
Bench press
• The benchmark exercises and the other exercises provided in Lift-A-Ton improve upper body strength. Focusing on: Pectoral, triceps, deltoids and trapezius muscles. Includes core muscles as well.

Core #2 - Flexibility
Lift-A-Ton is flexible.

• Implemented anywhere
• Little or no equipment
• Elementary through adult
• Multiple levels of strength
Lift-A-Ton fits into your current program – use in warm-up or conditioning sections of class.

Core #3 – Simplicity
Lift-A-Ton minimizes challenges. Lift-A-Ton provides:
• Exercises with little or no equipment
• Simple-to-read charts – no calculations
• Easy-to-use recording by participants

Core #4 – Incentives
Incentives are part of Lift-A-Ton.

For every 2,000 pounds (1 ton) a participant lifts, a Weight Plate is awarded.

Note: Lift-A-Ton makes it possible to creatively use one’s body weight for effective resistance training.