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Student Awards and Incentives - Award Baggies Award Baggies

Ensure awards get home safely with children.

Starting at $1.35
Organization and Storage - Token Totes Token Totes

Get organized and stop fishing for you awards! (3 sizes)

Starting at $3.25
Nutrition Awards - Grapes Grapes

Focus on Fruits.
Represents the fruit group. (MyPlate® red available).

Starting at $5.79
Nutrition Awards - Broccoli Broccoli

Vary Veggies.
Represents the vegetable group. (MyPlate® green available)

Starting at $5.79
Nutrition Awards - Grain Group (bread) Bread

Eat Whole Grains.
Represents the grains group. (MyPlate® orange available).

Starting at $5.79
Nutrition Awards - Dairy Group (cheese) Cheese

Get Calcium.  A cheese wedge represents dairy.  (MyPlate® blue available).

Starting at $5.79
Nutrition Awards - Meat Group (fish) Fish

Go Lean.  Fish represent the meat, beans, fish and nuts group.  (MyPlate® purple available).

Starting at $5.79
Nutrition Awards - Oil and Fats Group (oil drop) Oil Drop

Go Light.  The yellow oil drop represents the oil and fats group.

Starting at $5.79
Kids Science Awards - Monitor Mouse Monitor Mouse

We live in an era of technology.  To better assure success in life, students will need to master the basic elements of computer usage.  The Monitor Mouse will help you reward demonstrated competency in the use of a computer.  Recognize students when they complete tests.  Six assorted colors.  (1" tall).

Starting at $5.79
Paw Medallion School Spirit Award Paw Medallion

Students love to wear these paw-shaped awards! (1" tall)

Starting at $5.79
Claw Medallion School Spirit Award Claw Medallion

Sink your talons into this school spirit medallion. (1" tall)

Starting at $5.79
Kids Fitness Awards - Lungs Lungs

We inhale/exhale almost 3/4 billion times during our lives. Each breath you take puts your internal world in intimate contact with the external world.  Keep lungs healthy by saying “no” to  smoking, staying out of polluted environments and getting plenty of physical activity.  Comes with two free black lungs in each pack of natural pink.  (7/8" tall).

Starting at $5.79
School Spirit Award - Dolphin Dolphin

This swimming beauty comes in three designs and mimics its cousins in the sea.

Starting at $5.79
Nutrition Awards - Dairy Group (Milk Bottle) Milk

Get Calcium.
Represents the dairy group. (MyPlate® blue available).

Starting at $5.79
Student Awards - Recycling Award Recycling Award

Help preserve our environment.

Starting at $5.79
School Spirit Awards - Alligator Alligator

Gators on the prowl!  Sure to be a hit.

Starting at $5.79
Achievement Award for Children - T-Riffic T-Rex T-Riffic

This friendly dinosaur's toothy grin is infectious!

Starting at $5.79
Frog Award For Youth And Elementary School Students Frog

Get your young frogs to hop to it! (1" Tall)

Assortment of five froggy colors: apple green, dark green, green, lime green and dark olive.

Note: Beaded chains are sold separately.

Starting at $5.79
Atom Award For Youth and Elementary Students Atom

Reward success with scientific subjects and experimentation.

Starting at $5.79
School Spirit Award - Dolphin Dolphin (School Colors)

Friendly and intelligent mammals in 8 school colors. (1" wide.)

Starting at $5.79
Kids Academic Awards - Bright Brain Bright Brain

Bold-colored brains for bold gray-matter achievements. (1" wide)

Starting at $5.79
Engineering | Technology - Gear Award Gear

Our new Gear Award is great for encouraging achievements in S.T.E.M. skills! It's also perfect as an award for teamwork or promoting a school's Robotics Team.

Starting at $5.79
Strength Award | Memorization - Elephant Award Elephant

Elephants are known for their tremendous size and strength, as well as their intelligence and great memories. Use our Elephant token to award students who meet strength goals in physical fitness testing; or who achieve great feats of learning, like memorizing all of the state capitals. (1.5" Wide)

Our Price: $5.79
Kids Academic Awards - Globe Globe

A jewel from space.  Updated and Improved. (1" diameter)

Starting at $6.79
Youth Fitness Awards - Sweat Bead Sweat Bead

For those who work hard at whatever they do.

Starting at $8.49
Youth Motivational Awards - Heart Anatomical Heart

This is not a Cupid's heart.  Instead, it is a red replica of the heart that beats inside all of us, 2 billion times or more, during our lifetime.  Amazing detail: aorta, coronary arteries and more.  Really cool.  This is what kids asked us to create.  Red.  (7/8" tall).

Starting at $8.49
Kids Fitness Awards - Biker Biker

This is "wheel" fun.  7 mixed colors.

Starting at $12.49
Kids Nutrition Awards - Nutrition Award Bundle MyPlate® Bundle

Includes 25 of each nutrition award. (MyPlate® colors.)

Our Price: $24.49
Kids Nutrition Awards - Nutrition Award Bundle Nutrition Bundle

Includes 25 of each nutrition award.

Our Price: $26.45