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Here are a few examples of where you could acknowledge learning success:

Reward Academic Achievement
BenchMARK™/Multiplication Tables - ackowledge pupils' skills in learning their basic 12 Times Tables.

Reading – recognize each book read in the “I Love to Read” program.

Technology – reward progressive steps of computer wizardry (or just completing a lesson).

Geography – award for learning continents, countries or states.

Spelling Tests – recognize each well-completed spelling test of the semester.

Reward Accomplishments Independent of State-Mandated Benchmarks

Spelling Bee – award a BenchMARK for each correctly spelled word. Provide the Spelling Bee for participation.

Character Education – reward students for learning or demonstrating Character Bound® indicators. Provide a Character Star or Tag for learning all the indicators.

Music – award each week when practice requirements are met. Provide a Music Note when the piece is completed.

Reward Behaviors

Attendance – reward perfect attendance by the week or month. (#1 to 9 for each month and #10 for the entire year)

Well Done or Helping – recognize good deeds performed. Each good deed earns a BenchMARK. When a specific number of deeds are completed, provide a Well Done, Thumbs Up or Helping Hand award.

Mileage – award for each mile completed in Mileage Club®.

Exercise – recognize days of exercise or number of repetitions completed.

Field Day – award for field events attempted.

The educational uses of BenchMARKS are unlimited – especially knowing the creativity of teachers!

We are constantly amazed at the ingenuity of teachers and the use of our products. Suggestions from teachers and youth leaders are welcome. Contact us at