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Lift-A-Ton Club® is an easy-to-implement resistance training program for people of all ages – upper elementary to mature adults. The Lift-A-Ton Club builds on the tradition of Fitness Finders’® highly successful Mileage Club®. Lift-A-Ton is simple to use and provides effective results. Participants in upper elementary, middle school, high school and beyond perform these exercises several times a week. Each time they do the exercises, they add up the number of pounds lifted at each session. For every 2,000 pounds (1 ton) lifted, they are given an award – a plastic Weight Plate.
The instructor determines whether the exercises are to be competed in the self-contained classroom, gymnasium or at home. Lift-A-Ton makes it possible to creatively use one's body weight for effective resistance training. In addition, Lift-A-Ton may be put into the warm-up or conditioning portion of your class. It may even be used in self-contained classrooms where teachers or youth leaders may be asked to provide "exercise" breaks for their participants.
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Youth Strength Training Programs - Lift-A-Ton Tally Cards Lift-A-Ton® Tally Cards [183-301]

Tally Cards are ideal for participants to record how much weight they are lifting.

Our Price: $0.64
Sale Price: $0.64
Youth Strength Training Programs - Lift-A-Ton Poster Lift-A-Ton® Large Poster [183-002]

Highlight the benefits of strength and resistance training.

Our Price: $5.00
Sale Price: $1.65
Youth Resistance Training Program Lift-A-Ton Calculator

This slide rule chart makes determining tons lifted a breeze.

Starting at $2.62
Sale Price: $2.62
Youth Strength Training Programs - Lift-A-Ton Classroom Posters Lift-A-Ton® Classroom Posters

Five beautiful posters that illustrate proper form for multiple exercises.

Our Price: $3.30
Sale Price: $3.30
Youth Fitness Incentives - Weight Plates Weight Plates

These weight plates are winners with many young people.  Weight plate awards permit the youth to display how many tons they have lifted with any type of resistance training or the Lift-A-Ton Club®.  Colors are keyed to weights.  (7/8" wide).

Starting at $5.00
Youth Fitness Strength Training Program - Lift-A-Ton Starter Kit Lift-A-Ton® Starter Kit

Updated and Simplified!  A fun, equipment-free program, designed to develop upper body and core (abdominal) strength.

Our Price: $9.88
Sale price starting at $9.88
Kids Fitness Awards - Physical Fitness Testing Bundle Fitness Testing Bundle

Four key fitness medals.

Starting at $19.95