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Kids Awards - Dolphin Flashlight Keychain Dolphin Flashlight Keychains

You'll have lots of teacher's pets looking to earn these.

Starting at $1.95
Kids School Awards - Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

When someone does a good job we give them a "thumbs up."

Starting at $5.79
Kids Awards - Well Done Award Well Done Mini Medal

A special way to acknowledge a job well done.

Starting at $5.79
Kids Awards - Thank You Award Thank You Mini Medal

This "Thank You" award is one you can use on any occasion.  Five assorted colors.  (¾" tall).

Starting at $5.79
Awards for Kids - High Five High Five

Give youth a permanent high-five! (1 1/8" long)

Starting at $5.79
Student Awards - Star Star Award

This star-spangled star may be used virtually anywhere.

Starting at $5.79
Student Awards - Principal Crown Principal Crown

These crowns promise to be a regal award.

Starting at $5.79
Student Awards - Peace Symbol Peace Symbol

A classic symbol to a new generation.

Starting at $5.79
Youth Achievement Awards - Shooting Star Shooting Star

Recognize achievements that are truly out of this world!

Starting at $5.79
Student Achievement Awards - Rocket Ship Rocket Ship

For "out of this world" achievements. (1" tall)

Starting at $5.79
Youth Education Awards - Amazing Amazing

Convey your feelings of pride and amazement.

Starting at $5.79
High Flyer Student Award High Flyer

All kids have the potential to soar. (3/4" tall)

Starting at $5.79
Cool Cat Student Award Cool Cat

All cool cats know that doing their best is the cat's meow. (1" tall)

Starting at $5.79
Puzzle Piece Student Award Puzzle Piece

Every student is an important piece to puzzle! (1" tall)

Starting at $5.79
Shimmering Star Award

Simple design with no lettering means that it may be used virtually anywhere. (1" wide)

Mixed Colors / Bag of 25 Starting at $5.79
Awards for Children - Glow Five Glow Five

Say "Thanks!" with a glowing high five.

Starting at $6.25
Kids School Awards - Glow Thumbs Up Glow Thumbs Up

Make your proteges' faces shine-even in dark rooms!

Starting at $6.25
Student Awards - Outstanding Achievement Ribbon Outstanding Achievement Ribbon Red, White & Blue

For the young person who does a "humdinger" of a job.

Starting at $6.79
Student Awards - Outstanding Achievement Ribbon Outstanding Achievement Ribbon

Inspire youth to work for more than the status quo.

Starting at $6.79
Student Awards - Standard Dog Tags Standard Dog Tag

Plain Dog Tags just waiting to be customized.

Starting at $7.79
Plastic pink ribbon on pink metal beaded chain. Pink Ribbon

Pink ribbon. (7/8" tall)

Starting at $8.49
Plastic red ribbon on red metal beaded chain. Red Ribbon

Red ribbon. (7/8" tall)

Starting at $8.49
Plastic yellow ribbon on yellow metal beaded chain. Yellow Ribbon

Yellow Ribbon. (7/8" tall)

Starting at $8.49
Incentives and Motivators - Donor Drop Donor Drop

Here is THE award for those people who give blood so others may live.  It is also for those who "sweat blood" because they work so hard in school, music art, drama or sport.  (7/8" tall).  Donor drop can also be purchased with matching (red) 6" chain.

Starting at $8.49
Lavender ribbons on beaded lavender chains Lavender Ribbon

Lavender Ribbon. (7/8" tall)

Starting at $8.49
Youth Fitness Awards - Sweat Bead Sweat Bead

For those who work hard at whatever they do.

Starting at $8.49
Advocacy and Awareness - Blue ribbon on blue beaded chain Blue Ribbon

Royal blue ribbon. (7/8" tall)

Starting at $8.49
Advocate and Raise Awareness - Orange ribbon on orange beaded chain Orange Ribbon

Raise awareness and prevent bullying.

Starting at $8.49
Light blue plastic ribbon on light blue metal beaded chain Light Blue Ribbon

Light Blue Ribbon. (7/8" tall)

Starting at $8.49
Plastic White Ribbon White Ribbon

White ribbon (7/8" tall).

Starting at $8.49