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Mileage Club - Pencil Mileage Club® Pencils [119-000]

Show students they have the "write" stuff. Metallic red pencils help keep students motivated, whether it's dashing off a quick assignment or tracking down the answer to a tough problem.

Starting at $0.37
Mileage Club - Mood Pencils Mileage Club® Mood Pencils

Reward Mileage Club® participants with these fun Mileage Club® Mood Pencils. These pencils change color with the heat from your students’ hands and come in 4 colors: Purple to pink; Orange to yellow; Green to lighter green; & Blue to white. You will receive an assortment of colors unless you indicate a specific color and quantity in the Comments section when checking out.

Starting at $0.43
Mileage Club® - Wrist Bands Mileage Club® Wristbands

Let students show they're a member of the Mileage Club® band.

Starting at $0.55
Student Awards and Incentives - Award Baggies Award Baggies

Ensure awards get home safely with children.

Starting at $1.35
Fitness Awards - Toe Token™ Folder Toe Token® Folder

The Toe Token™ Folder may be used as an award for students or as an organization tool for teachers running Mileage Club® Holds 8½" x 11" paper.

Starting at $2.15
Organization and Storage - Token Totes Token Totes

Get organized and stop fishing for you awards! (3 sizes)

Starting at $3.25
Mileage Club® - Peel-and-Stick Card Files Peel-and-Stick Card Files

These peel-and-stick card files are imprinted with the phrase "Mileage Club®." They also have a place for the students' names. Stick 'em on a poster board, side of desk or paper. Help keep the Mile Marker™ Cards organized and visible. Approximately 3½" x 3½".

Starting at $4.50
Walking Club Incentives - Mileage Club Certificates Mileage Club® Certificate

<p>For determined Mileage Club® certificates. <i>(8 ½" x 11")</i></p>

Starting at $6.49
Mileage Club - Heart Punch Fiskars® Heart Punch

For punching Mileage Marker Cards as students complete their laps.

Our Price: $8.29
Fun & Fitness Booklet - 44 page booklet full of fitness ideas for kids. Fun & Fitness Booklet

Written with Mileage Club® coordinators in mind. (44 pages)

Starting at $10.00
Fitness Apparel - Mileage Club T-Shirt Mileage Club® T-Shirt

You'll be proud to wear this white (50/50) Mileage Club® T-shirt with its multicolored Mileage Club banner and Toe Token™ logo.  Available in seven sizes.

Starting at $10.39
Kids Fitness Awards - Sport Packs, drawstring bag Mileage Club® Sport Pack

Drawstring sport pack in seven colors.

Starting at $10.95
Mileage Club - Map of USA Mileage Club® Map

Allow students to collectively plot their miles as they walk/run to different cities. (20" x 30")

Starting at $10.95
Mileage Club - Map Matrix Mileage Matrix

Distance between each of the 102 cities peppered across our Mileage Club® Map & Mega Mileage Club® Map. (26" x 33")

Starting at $10.95
Youth Running Club Gear - Tally Sticks Tally Sticks™

Tally Sticks™ are an alternative method for tracking Mileage Club® laps: just hand one to each child when they complete a lap. At day's end, count each child's Tally Sticks™ (representing the number of laps they completed that day) and record their totals. (4" long)

These have a large hole in one end so that they can be easily carried and stored on a shoelace or chain. Tally Sticks™ are flexible and extremely durable, which means that you will be able to reuse them for many Mileage Club® seasons.

Bright eight-color assortment: black, blue, fuchsia, green, orange, red, yellow and black.

Single-color bags available for additional fee of:

$1/Bag of 75; $5/Bag of 500 or 1000

Starting at $12.49
Customize Blue Mileage Club T-Shirt Customizable Mileage Club® T-Shirts (Red, Blue, Lime)

Youngsters will wear their custom threads with pride! (6 sizes available)

Starting at $13.25
Mileage Club - Trophy Lace Mileage Club® Trophy Lace (25) [125-101]

Kids display their Toe Tokens, Mile Medals and Mini Medals on their Trophy Lace.

Starting at $13.95
Mileage Club® - Walk-A-Long Wristbands Walk-A-Long Wristbands™

Walk-Along-Wristbands™ are stretchy silicone bracelets imprinted with the Mileage Club® logo along with Toe Token® footprints. Kids love to receive these wristbands to kick off a new Mileage Club® season, or as a reward for achieving a mileage goal as an end-of-season award.

Starting at $21.25