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September Monthly Motivators
September Medallion
National Patriot's Day in Remembrance - September 11
First Day of Autumn - September 22
Johnny Appleseed's Birthday - September 26
National Fruit and Vegetable - More Matters Month
National Honey Month
National School Success Month
We have calendared another award, the Monthly Medallions.  These new awards simply have the name of the month printed across the front, but they can put you light years ahead with your students.
Establish goals so that a student may earn a Medallion for each month.  Use these awards for attendance, homework, birthdays, special school events, etc. 
The uses for the Monthly Medallions are endless.  You could not cover all the possibilities in a thousand years.
September 11, 2001 is a day Americans hopefully  will never forget.  Remembering those we lost that tragic day and honoring those who currently serve our nation is a vital part of this Day in Remembrance. 
We have created Jumbo Dog Tags that can be used to remember specific individuals.  These Dog Tags are available in multiple standard colors and also in light and dark olive.   The special part of these Dog Tags is that each tag can be personalized by writing the name of the individual to be honored on the tag.  Coordinating Chains and yellow ribbons are also available. 
Just a small way to remember those we lost on September 11, as well as veterans, and those who currently serve in our military.  They can also be used for police, firefighters and others who serve our country. 
We have fallen in our responsibility and as of yet have not created a leaf award for this autumn celebration.  Sorry, but we hope to branch out into this area some time soon.  Until then we "leaf" you with the choice of Pumpkins and Apples, both of which are definite autumn symbols.  Students will rake up these awards with pleasure.
John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) was born September 26, 1774.  He was a skilled nurseryman who grew trees and supplied apple seeds to pioneers in the Midwest. 
As far as we know, Johnny never visited the Big Apple (New York City), but he was still as American as apple pie.  In fact, he is the one who made apple pie synonymous with motherhood. 
Help your students celebrate Johnny's birthday on September 26 by having them bring an apple to school as a snack.  Give them a special Apple Award for doing so.  As easy as apple pie.  
Order a bag of Apples today.  You will not find one rotten apple in our basket.  Guaranteed!
This is one celebration where it is easy to bear fruit.  And the fruits of your labor will result in healthier students.  Now that is a celebration. 
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is an old saying that has some great truth to it.  It we can get students to eat just one more serving of fruit and/or vegetables a day, a significant improvement in their nutritional status can be achieved.  Remember, just one more serving.  More matters. 
We have great, educational awards to help you in your More Matters focus.  The MyPyramid Good Eating Card will help your students understand the food groups and choices within each food group.  You also have a choice of four nutritional awards, two fruit (Apple Award and Grape Award) and two vegetable (Pumpkin Award and Broccoli Award). 
With such fun awards, students may actually stop looking at fruit and vegetables as forbidden fruit.
Sweet as honey is definitely a true statement.  Honey is an amazing thing!  It can be used to sweeeten food, settle an upset stomach and heal wounds.  It never spoils and is totally natural.
Over the past several years, the honey bee population has been declining due to a number of situations.  Help your students understand the essential roll honey bees play in our food production.  We will never have a land of milk and honey without honey bees.
Make these lessons stick in their minds with the Oil Drop or the Stinger Award.  Both awards have a buzz factor.  The Oil Drop (it looks like a drop of honey) will never spoil.  The Stinger Award comes in three colors (green, black and yellow) and will not sting your budget (only $5.95 for 25).
That every student would suceed in school is the goal of every educator.  We have a number of awards to motivate students of all ages.  Listed below are a few:
Art Palette                                          Principal's Award
Attendance                                        Question Mark
Clock Award                                      Smiley Award
Good Effort                                        Star Reader
Helper's Hand                                   Star Student
Honor Award                                     Student-of-the-Week
Light Bulb                                          Teacher's Award
Math Award                                       Thank You
Music Award                                     Thinking Cap
Outstanding Achievement             Thumb's Up
Check out these and the many other awards we have waiting for you to use to motivate your students.
Our Smiley Face will go a long way during National Courtesy Month.  Or how about the Thank You Award?
As a quick reminder, this is also "Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month".  (How could you ever forget such an important event?)  A short note regarding how you use our many awards would go a long way in encouraging this lowly writer.  Just go to Share Your Story on the home page and drop us a note.