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Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
In 2008, the CPSIA set forth a new series of standards which must be followed by all manufacturers of children's products and small parts. Most of the products in our catalog are classified this way, which means that these standards apply to us. We work hard to ensure that all of our products and processes pass the rigorous testing procedures and are 100% compliant. You can buy from us with confidence.

Bans on Harmful Materials
To protect consumers (particularly small children), the CPSIA added more stringent bans on the percentages of harmful phthalates (less than 0.1%) that can be present in plastic products intended for use by children, as well as more stringent bans on the lead content that can be present in products (less than 0.0001%) or paint coatings (less than 0.00009%) on children's products.

The Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA) bans substance deemed "hazardous" from being used in children's products. We are proud to report that Fitness Finders does not use any hazardous substances in the manufacture of our products, and that we comply with all pthalate and lead content regulations.

Labeling Requirements
The CPSIA further requires manufacturers of children's products to place tracking labels on product packaging that will enable both producer and consumer to ascertain production details (such as location and date of manufacture, batch number, etc) to improve the effectiveness and response rate of any future recalls dues to safety concerns.

Most of the plastic products manufactured by Fitness Finders are classified as small parts intended for use by children. The ban on small parts meas that such items are not for children less than 3 years old. Fitness Finders provides appropriate cautionary labels in the packaging of all appropriate products (see below). In addition, the CPSIA also requires that the same cautionary labels be displayed wherever advertisements for the relevant products are displayed.

None of our products contain latex. Our nickel-coated chains contain nickel and should be avoided by individuals with nickel allergies. We have alternate chains available: call for details.

Product Name (root item number-for example Music Note "109"-100) BenchMARKS (108) Music Note (109) Honor Award (111) Principal's Award (113) Chains (116) Toe Tokens (117) Mini Medals (118, 124,164,165) Book Charms (120) BW the Bookworm (122) Grapes (137) Ten Toes (139) Thumbs Up (143) Mile Medals (144) Jump Award (146) Runner Award (147) Shoe Award (148) Soccer Ball (150) Star Awards (151-154, 178) Monitor Mouse (156) Paw Award (157) Claw Award (158) Character Tags and Stars (161) Helper's Hand (166) Caps (168) T-shirt Charm (169) Outstanding Achievement (171) Good Effort (172) Field Day Awards (173, 174) Walker Award (175) Walking School Bus (176) Art Palette (177) Balloon Award (179) Smiley Face (180) Clock (181) Weight Plates (183) Monthly Motivators (186) Treads (187) Brain (188) Fitness Awards (189) Lungs (190) Bee (191) Globe (193) Hoof Award (197)