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June Monthly Motivators
June Medallion
National Dairy Month
National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month
National Safety Month
Turkey Lovers Month
The end of school and the beginning of summer.  That's a good combination.  Celebrate with a day at the park and a June Medallion for good behavior.  The Medallion has fewer calories than ice cream and won't spoil anyone's dinner.
Moo-ve over soda, June is National Dairy Month.  Encourage your students to graze their way through the dairy aisle and milk it for all it's worth.  Then reward them for bringing a healthy dairy snack or food item to school (cheese, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.)
Reward them with what?  Does Fitness Finders "Got Milk?"  Not exactly, but we are getting close.  A new Cheese Award.  It is in the shape of a triangle of cheese.  (Yes, Fitness Finders is now flowing with milk and honey.  We have the Cheese and the Bees.)
June is a great month to emphasize fresh fruits and vegetables - sweet strawberries, crunchy carrots and mouth-watering watermelons.  Such delectable delights might even get couch potatoes to go bananas.
Eating fresh fruits and vegetable is no small potatoes.  Research shows that adding just one more serving per day of either fruits or vegetable can be a significant nutritional boost.  So reward those cute carrot top kids with an appropriate award. 
Fitness Finders has Apple, Pumpkin, Grape and Broccoli awards available.  The Apples come in three colors - apple green, yellow and dark red.  The Pumpkins come in bright orange and glow-in-the-dark.  The Grape Award is a cute closter of grapes available in three grape colors - light green, red and purple.  The Broccoli is a lovely, fresh floret available in two shades of green.  All of these awards ae ripe for picking.  So send your order in now.    
A word of caution: Please try to remain cool as a cucumber when the fruit of your labor produces healthy, alert students.
With the arrival of summer, kids have a tendency to throw caution to the wind when it comes to riding their bikes and crossing streets.  Keep them in safe hands by reminding them of proper street use when walking and biking.  Talk about street safety then help them remember the lesson with a Walker Award.
We also know there is safety in numbers and we have a lot of numbers - Mileage Medals and BenchMARKS.  We are not sure how we would use them, but if you come up with an idea on how to use numbers to promote safety, let us know.  We would love to hear from you.
I'll talk turkey (bluntly) about this one.  The National Turkey Federation found that people often go cold turkey after the Thanksgiving holiday.  So, to encourage year-round turkey consumption they created Turkey Lovers Month to promote the grilling of turkey.  Grilled turkey sounds great to us!!!
So this is just a friendly, healthy reminder to consider turkey the next time you fire up that grill.