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May Monthly Motivators
National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
  • National Physical Fitness and Sports Week
  • National President's Challenge
  • ACES
    May Medallion
    National Music Week
    Kentucky Derby
    Armed Forces Week
    Armed Forces Day
    The month of May is a welcome sight - flowers are blooming, birds are singing, the end of school is near (for most students) and it is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month!  What could be better?  Be sure to check out the variety of fitness activities and awards this month.  There are many from which to choose.
    National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is an ideal time to celebrate physical activity.  The designation began in 1993 with the intent to encourage people of all ages to be more involved in physical activity.  Included in this month long celebration are:
      • National President's Challenge: May 1 - July 24
      • National Physical Education and Sports Week: May 1 - 7
      • ACES (All Children Exercising Simultaneously): Wednesday, May 6
      • PACES (Parents and Children Exercising Simultaneously): Saturday, May 9 kick-off
    The National President's Challenge is a 6-week program that encourages all Americans to make being active part of their everyday lives.  The President's Challenge is designed to help motivate people of all fitness levels to improve their everyday level of activity.  This program is fit for a king (or president).   Participants may sign-up via the web to keep track of their activity.  Go to for more information.
    National Physical Education and Sports Week is celebrated the first week of May.  This celebration just fits the bill for this month.  Physical education should be the starting block for learning about and learning to enjoy lifelong physical activity.
    ACES is a one-day exercise program for children.  Students at an organization (school, Y, daycare, etc.) are encouraged to exercise together for 10-20 minutes.  It is noted to be the world's largest exercise class.  Founded in 1989, ACES has had million of students involved.  ACES fits in very well in this month of emphasis on physical activity.
    PACES is the new extension for the ACES program.  The first Saturday in May is designated as the kick-off day for a yearlong program of exercise.  Knowing that Saturdays often include family time, parents are encouraged to promote physical activity for the entire family.  For a complete family exercise package with calendars, posters and medals go to our FIT section for Families In Training.
    [Participate in all these events and you will be fit as a fiddle or it could become a survival of the fittest!]
    So pick an activity or emphasis that fits for your goals and celebrate the fun of being physically active.  Check out our enormous variety of awards fit for any of the above events.  You could have a fit trying to determine which award you would like to give.  Our suggestions would be one of six variations of Toe Tokens, the Runner or Walker awards, Training Medals or Mileage Medals.  How about the Cardiovascular Award?  Or perhaps the Shoe Award would be a good fit.  The Fit Treads could also work but if those do not fit your program perhaps the Good Effort Ribbon would be better.  So take some time to check out our awards.  At least one of the above awards should be a good fit for your program.
    Many schools, Y's and camps also do physical fitness testing during the month of May.  Be sure to check Agility Medalsout the six different Physical Fitness Testing Medals.  Your students will love these red, white and blue awards.
  • Abdominal (Core) Fitness
    This school year is almost done.  Hopefully you have students who have worked diligently all year to receive nine (or twelve) Monthly Medallions.  Such an honor should be a great reward for their efforts.
    And they're off and running!  Harness some of your students' horsepower and use this event to encourage fitness.  The Kentucky Derby is a 1 ¼-mile race run the first Saturday in May.  Train for the distance, then award your older students a Hoof Award for running this far.  For younger students see how far they can run in the winning time (usually about 2 minutes).  Be sure to play the William Tell Overture while they are running.  Your students will have fun hoofing it around the track that day.
    The first full week of May is designated as National Music Week.  Fit this right into your emphasis on physical activity by playing music as you exercise.  Keep the music lively and fun and your students will be moving with the beat.  Why not encourage your students to select a song then develop a routine of physical activity (jump rope, using basketballs, dance, etc.)  Our Music Award will encourage your students to step lively and keep to the beat.
    The 2nd Saturday of May through the 3rd Sunday of May is Armed Forces Week.  The purpose is to honor Americans serving in the five branches of our armed forces - Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy.  The 3rd Saturday of May is also designed as Armed Forces Day.
    We at Fitness Finders are proud of those who have accepted the responsibility of protecting our country.  They are true heroes and we thank them for their daily service.

    In honor of our men and women who are serving and those who have served in our Armed Forces, we have created a new Jumbo Dog Tag Award.  The tag comes in light and dark olive.  The name of the person serving may be written on the tag withTag with Ribbon a marker (special marker included).  We also have included a 6", 8" or 24" yellow chain to go with each tag as well as a yellow ribbon which may be attached.  We would love to help you honor those you know and love who are serving our country.
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