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April Monthly Motivators
April Medallion
Arbor Day
American Cancer Society Month
Foot Health Awareness Month
Jazz Appreciation Month
Mathematics Education Month
National Volunteer Month
National and Global Youth Service Day
April showers do bring May flowers, but do not let the showers make you blue in color like our April Medallion.  April can be such a great time of year.  Help your students plant flowers, take a walk and just enjoy the spring-time weather wherever you live. 
Celebrate Arbor Day with the planting of trees, bushes or flowers.  Then award your students with a Tree for their efforts.  Now we know that money does not grow on trees, so we have priced these at $7.95 for 50 Tree Awards.  You will not put your budget on a limb and your kids will know they have helped their community.
Creating awareness regarding cancer prevention is fantastic.  We have advocacy ribbons to help create such awareness.  The Pink Advocacy Ribbon is for breast cancer.  The Yellow Advocacy Ribbon is for bladder cancer and liver cancer.  A great cause for all ages.
The human foot is an amazing part of the body.  It has 26 bones, 19 muscles, over 100 ligaments and thousands of nerve endings.  An adult takes about 18,000 steps per day, a child takes more.  In your lifetime you will walk 70,000 miles, four times around the world.
Our Toe Tokens are not as agile as a foot, but they still give you miles in awards.  Be sure to check out the multiple variations of Toe Tokens - from Regular, See Through, Teal and Twinkle to Camouflage, Pastel, Freckle and Glow-In-The-Dark.  If those don't make your toes start tapping, look at the Ten Toes and Big Feet.
By the way, your feet are important; take good care of them.
Jazz up your music program with a Music Award.  This award will fine-tune your program.
We usually do not blow our own trumpet, but for a song you can obtain these Music Awards.  They come in black and multiple colors.  And your students?  We can bet they will change their tune about music class.  Their enthusiastic response will be music to your ears. 
April is the month for all math teachers to help their students come full circle on the importance of math.  Great math teachers help students put two and two together and realize that numbers and math are used everyday in all areas of life. 
Our Math Award would be a great way to recognize your calculating students.  They are not a dime a dozen but at 25 for $5.00 these Math Awards are still a good deal.
Nine times out of ten the Math Award will be the one you want, but other awards that could be used are the Thinking Cap, Thumbs Up, Well Done, Good Effort, Brain and Outstanding Achievement.  You can order these 24/7 365 from our website.
In conjunction with Arbor Day is the National and Global Youth Service Day.  April is also National Volunteer Month.  Wow, April is the month for service projects!
Students feel such pride when they do something for their community.  In recognition of their service, award your students a Service Tag or Star.  These Service Tags and Stars have the word "service" printed on them.  Your students will feel good about themselves and they will enjoy displaying their bright orange Service Tags or Stars