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Kids School Awards - Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

When someone does a good job we give them a "thumbs up."

Starting at $5.79
Kids Awards - Well Done Award Well Done Mini Medal

A special way to acknowledge a job well done.

Starting at $5.79
Awards for Kids - High Five High Five

Give youth a permanent high-five! (1 1/8" long)

Starting at $5.79
Student Awards - Star Star Award

This star-spangled star may be used virtually anywhere.

Starting at $5.79
Student Awards - Smiley Face Smiley Face

Honor students that maintain a good attitude while working hard.

Starting at $5.79
Student Awards - Clock charm Clock

An ideal award with multiple uses: 1) promptness, 2) completing an assignment as requested, 3) learning how to tell time. Comes in a mixture of seven basic school colors.  (7/8" diameter).

Starting at $5.79
Kids Fitness Awards - Most Improved Medal Most Improved

Promote continual growth and improvement.

Starting at $5.79
School Awards & Incentives - All Star Trophy All Star Trophy

An all-star award for all-star achievements.

Starting at $5.79
Student Achievement Awards - Awesome Award Awesome Award

Award students who accomplish great things.

Starting at $5.79
"You Rock" Guitar Encouragement Award You Rock Guitar

This token will give kids the motivational boost to really find their groove. (1 1/8" tall)

Starting at $5.79
Youth Achievement Awards - Patriotic Star Patriotic Star

Let the fireworks begin!

Starting at $5.79
Student Achievement Awards - Rocket Ship Rocket Ship

For "out of this world" achievements. (1" tall)

Starting at $5.79
Awards for Kids - Key Key

This award will get youngsters all keyed up about learning.

Starting at $5.79
Youth Achievement Awards - Shining Example Shining Example

Every school, team or youth program has 'em: children who work hard and set a good example for others to follow. This award will have everyone else scrambling to keep up. (7/8" Tall)

Assortment of six vibrant colors: royal blue, fuchsia, light green, blazing orange, plum shimmer and bright yellow.

Single Colors Per Bag Pricing:
Add $1/bag for Quantities of 25 or 100
Add $5/bag for Quantities of 500 or 1,000

Starting at $5.79
Youth Education Awards - Amazing Amazing

Convey your feelings of pride and amazement.

Starting at $5.79
Achievement Award for Children - T-Riffic T-Rex T-Riffic

This friendly dinosaur's toothy grin is infectious!

Starting at $5.79
High Flyer Student Award High Flyer

All kids have the potential to soar. (3/4" tall)

Starting at $5.79
Cool Cat Student Award Cool Cat

All cool cats know that doing their best is the cat's meow. (1" tall)

Starting at $5.79
Owl-shaped student achievement award with "Owl-Standing" inscription. 7 assorted colors. Owl-Standing

Encouraging positive behavior has never been such a hoot! (1 ¼" tall).

Starting at $5.79
Wow Wow

Wow children with this award. (1" wide.)

Starting at $5.79
Shimmering Star Award Shimmering Star Award

Simple design with no lettering means that it may be used virtually anywhere. (1" wide)

Our Price: $5.79
Awards for Children - Glow Five Glow Five

Say "Thanks!" with a glowing high five.

Starting at $6.25
Kids School Awards - Glow Thumbs Up Glow Thumbs Up

Make your proteges' faces shine-even in dark rooms!

Starting at $6.25
Walking Club Incentives - Mileage Club Certificates Mileage Club® Certificate

<p>For determined Mileage Club® certificates. <i>(8 ½" x 11")</i></p>

Starting at $6.49
Good Effort Youth Achievement Ribbon Good Effort Ribbon

For those students that give their best all of the time. (1 1/4" tall)

Starting at $6.79
Excellence Ribbon Award Excellence Ribbon

Encourage youth to strive for excellence. (1 1/4" wide)

Starting at $6.79
Student Awards - Outstanding Achievement Ribbon Outstanding Achievement Ribbon Red, White & Blue

For the young person who does a "humdinger" of a job.

Starting at $6.79
Student Awards - Outstanding Achievement Ribbon Outstanding Achievement Ribbon

Inspire youth to work for more than the status quo.

Starting at $6.79
Super Student Award Bundle Super Student Bundle

A bundle jam-packed with awards your students will love! (150 awards)

Our Price: $26.45
Out-Of-This-World Students Award Bundle Out-of-This-World Bundle

The variety pack for astronomical achievements! (150 awards)

Starting at $26.45