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"The Zooper Safari™ program was a great way for my students to master the behaviors necessary for our class to learn, have fun, and be safe on all of our classroom adventures." -Chris, Elementary Teacher

Zooper Safari™ is a fun, engaging way to teach positive classroom behaviors and encourage students to adopt foundational school and life skills that will benefit them throughout their school years and beyond. The Zooper Safari™ curriculum pairs 7 "Featured Creatures", each from a separate continent, to model 7 "Zooper Behaviors" every teacher wants to see in the classroom.

Zooper Safari™ appeals to children's natural curiosity and love of animals. It actively engages kids by using a variety of lessons and reinforcement activities to connect students to the Featured Creature that displays the desired Zooper Behavior of each lesson. Students are then encouraged to transfer the Zooper Behaviors to themselves. Zooper Safari™ also meets many Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core Language Art Standards (CCSS), which are listed in each lesson.

Zooper Safari™ is Unique and Effective:

  • fun, investigative learning approach
  • jam-packed with exciting, hands-on enrichment activities and materials
  • captivates students using their natural love and curiosity of animals
  • incentivised with exclusive awards

  • Zooper Safari™ emphasizes the following important Zooper Behaviors:

    * 7 Zooper Behaviors and Featured Creatures
    I choose to Have a Positive Behavior Sulcata Tortoise
    I choose to Stay on Task Beaver
    I choose to Listen and Follow Directions Lipizzaner Horse
    I choose to Take Initiative Tiger
    I choose to Put Things in Order Gentoo Penguin
    I choose to Think of Others Koala
    I choose to Work with Others Alpaca

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