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A mileage club for your staff! The Mega Mileage Club® equates more than 100 physical activities (fitness, housework, sport, yard work and recreational) to one mile of walking. Did you know 30 minutes of house chores, 10 minutes of aerobics, or 12 minutes of beach volleyball equate to 1 mile of walking?

This method permits everyone—swimmers, dancers, bikers, wheelchair users and physically active job-related employees—to participate. Help your staff fight the battle of the bulge, reduce health care costs and improve productivity and school spirit!

Adventure Out!
With the Mega Mileage Club, your group will "travel" the U.S. as a team and receive
great benefits such as:
  • Feelings of camaraderie
  • Reduced stress
  • Renewed energy
  • Improved health
  • Enthusiasm for fitness
  • Great memories
The Mega Mileage Club has:
  • No age limits
  • Adaptability to any schedule and all fitness levels
  • Simplicity
  • Low cost
Research shows that adults exercise better and more consistently when they are active with someone else! The Mega Mileage Club is an innovative fitness program which proves this theory.
The Mega Mileage Club will:
  • Help get your staff active
  • Help reduce body weight/fat
  • Help control rising health care costs
  • Build staff morale
Where does this active "vacation" start?
  • Corporations
  • Churches
  • Communities
  • High Schools
  • Colleges/universities
  • Assisted living centers
  • Wherever adults meet together
How do I get there?
  1. Post a sign-up sheet (provided).
  2. Form one team or competing teams (departments, branches, offices, families).
  3. Choose team leader(s).
  4. Posts map and shoe patterns in a visible location.
  5. Choose destination goal for team(s).
  6. Exercise throughout the week, using almanacs to keep track of miles earned.
  7. Tally and posts team miles weekly (program runs eight weeks).
  8. Encourage each other to meet the team goal.
  9. Award the Mileage Medals™.
  10. Celebrate reaching the goal.
Each kit is packed with everything you'll need for a successful journey:
  • Mega Mile Map: A large, colorful U.S. map.
  • Toe Tokens: Fun footprints show progress on the map.
  • Shoe Patterns: A personal "trophy case."
  • Shoelaces: Bright laces dress up each "trophy case."
  • Mileage Medals: Awards for the "trophy case."
  • Activity Almanacs: Colorful, individual recording sheets including a unique, easy-to-use way of recording "mileage."
  • Steps for Success: A 16-page booklet including instructions, easy-to-use charts, master copies and letterhead, creative motivating ideas and handouts.
  • A colorful sign-up sheet: Made to attract attention.