Nutrition Awards - Dairy Group (Milk Bottle)


Award kids who take a pass on soda and choose to build healthy teeth, bones, and skin by drinking milk. Our Milk Bottle Charm represents the Dairy food group. (See how to use it with our Pack-a-Snack program!) It can also be used to encourage positive behavior in your school cafeteria. (1” tall)

3-color standard Nutrition Award mix: White, White Pearl, & Brown. See dropdown menu for Single-color Bag pricing.

For USDA’s MyPlate® Initiative: Blue only. (There is no Single-color Bag charge for MyPlate® awards.)

Starting at $5.79
Product Code: See Product Description below.



Product Description

Standard Nutrition Award Mix

Product Code: 137-711 (Qty: 25)
Product Code: 137-712 (Qty: 100)
Product Code: 137-714 (Qty: 500)
Product Code: 137-715 (Qty: 1000)

For Single-color Bag Product Codes for standard Nutrition Awards, add the following numbers to the end of the above Product Codes. (For example, the Product Code for a bag of 25 White Milk awards would be 137-711-1800.)

White Pearl: 1801
Brown: 2203

MyPlate® - Blue only

Product Code: 137-7111 (Qty: 25)
Product Code: 137-7121 (Qty: 100)
Product Code: 137-7141 (Qty: 500)
Product Code: 137-7151 (Qty: 1000)

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