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Lift-A-Ton® is an easy-to-implement resistance training program for people of all ages. Building on the successful tradition of our Mileage Club®, Lift-A-Ton is simple to use and provides effective results. Effective resistance training in a physical education, recreation or classroom setting is often difficult. A limited number of weights or weight machines means participants spend most of their time waiting in line, which can result in discipline problems with young people and frustration for all age groups. Lift-A-Ton eliminates this problem by having participants use their own bodies as the resistance.

Resistance training by definition is any type of activity that resists or overcomes a force. Pushing one's body weight (as in push-ups) is one of the easiest forms of resistance training. Push-ups are a great way to increase upper body strength and endurance, now and in the future. By teaching proper push-up form, Lift-A-Ton prepares participants for a lifetime of effective resistance training.

Three different push-ups are used in Lift-A-Ton:

  • Wall Push-up
  • Bent-knee Push-up
  • Straight-leg Push-up
Proper push-up form is essential. That is why posters and detailed descriptions are provided, making it easy for participants to learn how to perform proper push-ups.

Lift-A-Ton is Easy

  • No calculations
  • No weighing of participants
We've done all the calculations and put them on a handy-dandy, easy-to-use Lift-A-Ton slide calculator. All you have to do is record the number of push-ups performed by each participant. Participants keep track of the number of push-ups completed in each one minute challenge session. The goal: try to lift 10 tons in the fewest one minute sessions. To determine tonnage lifted; simple use the calculator.

Health Benefits of Lift-A-Ton

  • Better posture
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Stronger, denser upper body bones
  • Reduced bone demineralization later in life
  • Greater capacity to meet the physical challenges of life

Lift-A-Ton is Rewarding
Our Weight Plates tokens are effective in motivating youth. They look just like regular weight plates, only they aren't as heavy. Participants love to receive these awards and carry them with pride. A special certificate for duplication is also provided.